The 5 Superior Hotel Door Lock in 2024 for a Modern Hotel

The hotel industry is rapidly evolving to meet rising guest expectations for technological convenience, customization, and security. As such, hotels must ensure their door lock systems align with industry trends towards mobile, smart, and integrated access control solutions.

Upgrading to one of the latest, most advanced hotel door locks in 2024 enables properties to elevate the guest experience through keyless entry while strengthening security and back-end operations.

As a leading hotel door lock system supplier in China, Be-Tech recommends the following 5 superior smart locks for modern hotels in 2024:

1. ASSA ABLOY Hospitality RFID Locks

ASSA ABLOY Hospitality is an industry leader providing advanced RFID and mobile access solutions tailored for hospitality properties.

Their Visionline series combines a sleek, user-friendly design with proprietary MIFARE RFID technology for enhanced security. The encrypted keycards integrate with property management systems (PMS) to enable keyless room access, automated check-ins, and remote lock management.

By consolidating guest data into one secure, centralized system, Visionline RFID locks reduce risks while optimizing staff productivity. ASSA ABLOY also offers Mobile Access Solutions enabling guests to use their smartphone as a secure credential.

2. Kaba Evolved Series Bluetooth Locks

The Kaba Evolved Series combines BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) mobile access with an anti-panic exit device into an integrated hotel door lock system.

This upgraded BLE lock delivers an enhanced, keyless guest experience through the use of the Kaba Mobile Key App while meeting life safety and accessibility standards. It is designed specifically to replace existing mechanical or magstripe locks for streamlined upgrades.

Centralized management is enabled through integration with Kaba’s Saflok property management systems. Real-time monitoring, housekeeping status updates, and flexible access scheduling provide hotels with operational efficiencies and elevated service.

3. Salto Systems XS4 One-Body Electronic Lock

The Salto XS4 One lock combines an online electronic lock, handle, and exit device into a single, integrated unit. This consolidated body design provides maximum performance while simplifying installation compared to solutions with separate components.

Operating on low-energy Bluetooth smart technology, the compact XS4 One delivers efficient access control through Salto’s secure, cloud-based property management ecosystem. From anywhere, anytime, hotels can configure virtual keys, check room statuses, monitor event access, and manage user permissions.

The XS4 One also enables remote lockdown capabilities and can integrate with third-party hotel systems. With intelligent features like this, the Salto XS4 One lock future-proofs the guest room access experience.

4. OpenKey Mobile Key App-Enabled Locks

OpenKey offers a fully mobile and cloud-based lock system, enabling keyless entry through guests’ own smartphones. Using OpenKey’s free app, hotel staff and visitors can securely access designated areas without needing physical key cards.

This app-enabled lock communicates via Bluetooth with OpenKey’s property management software for real-time tracking, notifications, and custom reporting. Hotels gain visibility into room access while providing ultimate convenience for on-demand check-ins.

With OpenKey, properties can also enable specialized access rules, temporary codes for visitors, remote management capabilities, and the option to integrate with existing hotel platforms.

5. Onity HT24 RFID & Bluetooth Door Locks

Onity’s HT24 lock combines RFID and Bluetooth (BLE) technology into one multi-functional electronic lock. This consolidated solution allows hotel properties to leverage both magstripe keycards and Bluetooth mobile credentials through the OnPortal app.

The HT24 integrates with Onity’s cloud-based property management system (OnPortal) for real-time key activity tracking and access control management. Hotels can schedule automatic deadbolts, perform remote lockouts on lost keys, update housekeeping statuses, and monitor event access.

This hybrid lock provides the flexibility to employ either RFID keycards or BLE mobile keys while future-proofing the advancements of IoT-enabled security.


Today’s hotels require an integrated, mobile-ready door lock system that aligns with guest expectations for frictionless, app-based access while enabling remote management for hotel operations.

As shown above, leading options provide encrypted RFID technology, Bluetooth-enabled keyless entry, and tight integration with secure cloud platforms. Carefully evaluate critical factors like security protocols, smart features, durability, and software ecosystem compatibility during your search.

By investing in one of these superior smart lock systems in 2024, your hotel can deliver the convenient, tech-enabled, and secure guest experience demanded in the modern hospitality industry while optimizing operational capacity through centralized control.

As a top provider of hotel door lock systems in China, Be-Tech offers personalized guidance on the best solution for your property’s needs. Contact us today to discuss revolutionizing your guest room access experience.

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