Ultimate Guide: Electronic Cabinet Locks

What is a cabinet lock? Cabinet lock is a modern keyless accessing method for securing valuables. Cabinet lock secures your valuables from unauthorized use. The cabinet locks also prevent kids from opening the cabinets and damaging useful items. Today, the author would list the 4 latest electronic cabinet locks to help you find your dream electronic cabinet locks.

Be-Tech Cyber II Touch (C2800T)

electronic touch door lock

The C2800T is the latest cabinet lock. The flat and simple design could match different styles of decoration. Adopting stainless steel, the cabinet lock is easy to clean and resistant to rust. Second, the Be-Tech Cyber II Touch series offers easy installation to users. This type of cabinet lock provides not only high safety and comfort but also low maintenance.

Electronic Cabinet Lock-Cyber II RFID (C2800M8)

electronic cabinet door lock

Adopting the latest RFID technology, the electronic cabinet lock offers a high standard security system to the users which could give users a free mind on safety. In commercial use, this new electronic cabinet lock provides shared use and assigned use latest security system.

Electronic Cabinet Lock—Cyber Digit Slim


Be-Tech Cyber Digit Slim (C1000D) is the latest launch product of digital locker lock which can take place of the keys on lockers, cabinets & cupboards. The cabinet lock allows multiple users’ access. Second, the user could program the cabinet lock, according to his/her habits or special needs. As for the codes & iButton keys, this new type of digital locker lock has no preset codes & iButton keys. The Cyber Digit Slim can be applied to private use or public use. For example, in school, it could be applied to the storage cabinet of teachers’ personal effects. As for the public place, this lock can be used for short-term, multi-occupancy applications, for an instance, the gym center could apply this type of digital locker into its member’s locker.

Electronic Cabinet Lock—Cyber Digit Cam

electronic cabinet lock cyber digit cam

This is a versatile electronic cam lock for a wide range of steel lockers cabinets and cupboards. The flat and fashion design keyless locks let the installation become easier and provide high security and comfort.


The importance and functions of the electronic cabinet locks are usually underestimated by the users. As a matter of fact, the simple electronic cabinet is the concentration of sophisticated technologies. The electronic cabinet lock provides you high level of security for your property. You could purchase the advanced electronic cabinet lock in Be-Tech.

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