The Many Benefits Of Hotel Door Locks

Nowadays is more common than ever to see hotels with electronic locking systems, and this is because of the several advantages it possess over the traditional mechanical locks. The benefits are especially important for locations that receive a lot of traffic of people (people entering and exiting a place) because of how easy it is to manage and control this heavy access of visitors.
The Many Benefits Of Hotel Door Locks
For example some of the key benefits are: programmable security clearances, centralized management and access management lock scheduling. These make the administration and security process in hotels much easier. In addition, the best characteristic about the Be-Tech door locks is the versatility of them to be applied in:
• Apartment complex
• Retirement homes
• Student dormitories
• Office buildings
• Employee areas in commercial buildings

There are a lot of variety of hotel door locks that Be-Tech has in catalog. The product chosen will depend upon the need of the management of the private building taken in consideration which hotel locks would work the best for them. One of the main factors that will affect the decision is the budget they possess and how much technology they need to fulfill their requirements.

For hotels, or ones that take security as one of their main concerns, they will find RFID electronic locks to be the best option. It provides with a lot of information which includes: an entry record audit trial, real-time clock adjustment, low battery status, track the time and when the cards were used, to name some features. Hotel managers can also entertain a large group of guests much easier with an electronic hotel lock, because it’s much easier to keep track of their movements in order to keep them as safe as possible. Furthermore, with RFID cards the efficiency of a hotel’s check-in will improve at a very noticeable time for just a small investment. The price of this type of hotel locking system is very pocket-friendly and is a cost that will work in the long run.

A great product is the Be-Tech BASE II ‘LEVER’ RFID HOTEL DOOR LOCK which consist of a modern and stylish cylindrical latch solution. It combines great design and engineering to sell to the costumer a multifaceted security with an easy to learn system.

This Be-Tech product is the ideal one for hotels, or apartments that want to upgrade their already existing mechanical locking systems. This works great for improving back-of-house controls as it’s based on the same wave of others Be-Tech RFID locking systems. What does this mean? That it is compatible with the BIS HOTEL software platform.

It’s important to know that some of the technical features of this product are:
• 13.56MHz technology
• Eleven free sectors for future All-in-one card application use
• Compatible with the standard ISO 14443 A (MIFARE Classic)

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