The best smart card door locks for hotel

To comply with security demands many smart lock manufacturers are working hard to give a reasonable solution. Somehow smart lock manufacturers have been successful to offer electronic locks for hotel door room. The hospitality industry has been going through some revolutionary changes for some time, especially after Airbnb. These days, the hotel business is articulating high standards experience. Even big hotels are now opting for a more comforting setting for their guests. Security and privacy have been the main concerns in such regard.

Every day, we are bombarded with technological innovation and with the manufacturing of smart hotel door room locks, things have been upgraded. Now, hotels and tourism resorts offer private suites and villas to their clients for a private experience. These private villas and suites have smart locks installed in them to keep everything safe. A good thing about these locks is that they are easy to use and offer security. Opting for small things shows that you are serious about your hospitality services and they can build your reputation of a hospitality business.

Be-Tech is among the smart lock manufacturers in china that manufactures different sorts of door locks that include electronic, biometric, RFID, and other password-protected locks. If you are building a new hotel or looking to renovate an old one, you can book your order of hotel door locks of your choice. Here we will be looking at one of their hotel door room locks. So, have a detailed look:



It is the latest and most reliable RFID electronic hotel lock. It offers a contactless opening and closing of the door, which is absolutely mind blowing. It has the ability of all-in-one card applications. It features a high security stainless steel SUS304 mortise lock case that is available in ANSI, AUS and EURO versions. So, no matter which setting you prefer you can install the lock there.

It is different from your matte black or grey finish because there is a zinc alloy handle on this lock with a long-lasting painting finish. It comes in metal finishes such as Silver, Mocha Red, and Brown. These colors go well with any tropical theme and even add some color to hotel architecture. If you want to install this lock in your hotel room, make sure that it requires 3-point stainless steel latch construction with anti-friction mechanism.

Furthermore, we have this lock mortise equipped 20mm throw high strength deadbolt. There is a panic release function in which the deadbolt and latch are automatically retracted by the inside handle for easy regress in an emergency situation. High security mechanical override cylinder is also available. One of the great things about this lock is that it is ADA compliant and can really treat people with access and feasibility. Other cool gadgets include future-proof re-programmable FLASH RAM lock memory and a compatible BIS HOTEL software platform.

It is powered by four AA alkaline batteries that can last up to 1-year normal lifetime. These are placed inside of the back lock that makes it slick and shows off the minimalistic design. In the meantime, you have a 1000 events audit trail. The supported RFID Standard for this lock is ISO 14443 A (MIFARE Classic).

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