The Shadow II RFID Electronic Hotel Lock system for a Perfect Decoration Blend

Are you looking to have the best hotel locking system which give you optimal security. The design of this electronic hotel lock is specially made to blend easily and perfectly with the door together with the hardware of the hotel.


This type of hotel locking system suits all the modern as well as the contemporary hotel environment. As a result of this, if your hotel is of the modern design, you need to consider having this as your hotel lock which will give you everything that you require for security reasons.

This electronic hotel lock will enhance the overall image of your hotel’s corridor through its aesthetic design which will perfectly blend with any decoration and design you add in your hotel. As a matter of fact, this door lock will give much freedom to every designer to ensure that they can have more room in designing and enhancing the appearance of the door.

Benefits of RFID Electronic Hotel Lock

There are several benefits and advantages you will enjoy with having the Shadow Ii RFID electronic hotel lock as the lock of choice for your hotel doors. Some of the major advantages you will enjoy include the following;

  • RFID Technology – This electronic door lock uses RFID technology which makes it to be a stand-alone lock. With this, it is a contact-less door lock which will pass on the security reading through radio waves.
  • Flash RAM lock Memory – For future proofing, this electronic door lock features a flash RAM lock memory which is essential in reprogramming in the future. As a result, you don’t need to keep registering only that you need to reprogram the lock from its memory.
  • Compatibility – Another amazing benefit you enjoy from the use of the RFID electronic hotel lock is on its compatibility. This electronic hotel lock is compatible with the BIS hotel software platform. You can commence using it immediately without having to set up lots of instructions.
  • ADA Compliant – To enhance the quality of this electronic lock, it is ADA compliant. This assures you of its quality with no compromise. As a result of this, you can trust the security you receive from this lock.
  • Ease in Audit – This hotel lock features an many event audit trails with up to 1000 event.

Features of the RFID Electronic Hotel Lock

To enhance the use of this electronic lock, there are several features which characterize this hotel lock. This will ensure that it optimizes on the security together with matching the décor of the hotel’s corridors and doors.

Below are some of the major features you enjoy from the use of this hotel lock;

  • The Product brand is Be-Tech
  • The product model is Shadow II RFID
  • Fits on a door thickness of 35 to 60mm
  • Contains the elector-mechanical locking system
  • The metal finishes of this hotel lock is the Silver, Matte black which easily blends with every decoration
  • Contains stainless steel handles that are of high quality
  • The mortise used compatible with the DIN 65 mortise
  • Features the RFID standard of the ISO 14443 A
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