Electronic Hotel Safe

For many years, hotel guests have always been advised not to leave their precious possessions in plain sight whenever they leave the hotel rooms. Although not really rampant, stealing of valuables from hotel rooms poses a real problem for the establishment. Master cards and master keys make theft easier if they fall in the wrong hands.

Why Do I Need To Upgrade My Electronic Hotel Safe?

Stealing from hotel rooms is not a frequent occurrence, but it really does occur.  Most times, a hotel guest might forget their codes or the safety electronics system may break down. Consequently, only the hotel staff has a kind of special back door which they use to gain access to your hotel room safe, making them liable for any form of breakings and stealing. Although, most safe aren’t as “safe” as they should be.  With simple cutting and opening tools and a short piece of wire, these safe can easily be opened and robbed. These low-quality hotel safe will close back and lock as if nothing has happened to it. So that when the guests come back to their hotel room and they see the safe they will think their precious belongings is still safe and secured within not knowing that they have just been robbed.

Electronic Hotel Safe

How Can I Prevent Illegil  Entry To The Hotel Safe Locks In My Establishment?

Presently, there are different types of hotel room locks and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s see how they are, the mode of operation and their overall secure ratio. Shall we?

Electronic Keypad Access by Manual Safety Key

This category of room safe is not really giving 100% assurance, unlike the others. This type needs the movement of the safe itself to enter the key and then entering the override access code. This safe can record the date and time the override code was entered and nothing else.

Manual Key Safe

This is among the very first hotel room safe model and as an old model, it is gradually becoming rarer as time passes by and by there will be none left. Although, hotels have remodelled and replaced them with better, newer and updated electronic versions.

Electronic Keypad Room Safe

This category of safe is mostly found in conventional hotels and resorts and in most ways is the one that has the least number of theft crimes from it. That is due to the fact that it requires a computer device that is hand-held to safely open the safe. These safes need the extra hand-held PDA, maybe a cable.

Be-Tech Electronic Hotel Safe

Be-tech is a stylish supplier of hotel lock safe that is not only accomplished in giving stylish designs but also durable hotel lock safes. Be-tech favors different colors of safe that distinctively stands out like matte, black and white. Fitted with up to date trail system and a locking system with two deadbolt mechanism. It has a solid steel outer layer for durability, a carpet around the inner layer of the safe. Powered by 4 AA batteries and an optional outlet for AC/DC power supply, the Be-Tech electronic hotel safe has an inside light for guest convenience. These and much more give you the safest hotel lock ever designed.

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