The Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock With Automatic Locking for a High-end Security

Be-Tech being one of the best fingerprint door lock manufacturers in China, you will be assured of having the best from this professional fingerprint door lock company. As a matter of fact, Be-Tech has distributed its products all over the world through which every client has remained in awe on the quality of the products received.

If you have been looking for a fingerprint door lock, then one of the leading fingerprint door lock manufacturers: Be-Tech will be the best choice for you in the market. It will give you high security as well as several ways of accessing the room with the lock depending on your preference.

Product Specs

Some of the main specs of this fingerprint door lock product include the following:

  • It is of a Matte black or Coffee Gold color hence matching with different home decors.
  • Several access modes including the use of a Touchpad, RF Card or Fingerprint access methods.
  • This is a digital Mortise Lock
  • The product brand is Be-Tech
  • The product model is H3A5FMTL

The Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock With Automatic Locking for a High-end Security

Why use the H3A5FMTL Digital Door Lock?

There are several reasons as to why you should go for this amazing digital door lock with product model of H3A5FMTL. All that centers on everyone using this amazing digital door lock whether for commercial or residential use is full satisfaction. No complaints are raised whatsoever on the functionality of this door locks. This is due to the quality which never disappoints. Among these are many other benefits of using this digital door lock including the following;

  • Several Access Points – This digital door lock comes with several ways of access including the use of fingerprint, PIN Code, and RF Card key. This therefore, assures you of convenience on the way you love using.
  • Automatic Locking – The door will automatically lock itself after opening for a few seconds. This is to ensure that the door remains closed all the time whenever not in use for extra security. In addition to this, it also contains a manual operation mode.
  • Contains  a Scramble Code – For enhanced security, this digital door lock will feature a scramble code through which you can enter random numbers before the right code if there is a chance of the code being exposed to other people. This will then allow you to have extra security on your codes.
  • Fingerprint verification – use of this fingerprint verification technology enhances ease in access on reading the fingerprint in one shot. This allows you to move out without any card or having to remember any code.


This digital door lock features the following;

  • Alarms where one attempts to open the door with incorrect card, PIN code or fingerprint for 5 times with the alarm lasting for 60 seconds.
  • Features an invisible keypad which is only seen when the screen is touched with the palm.
  • Anti-panic exit system that releases the door easily on turning its handle from inside.
  • No validation done on missing keys which will only require you to re-register the rest of your keys.

This, therefore, makes this biometric digital door lock the best door lock you will have for your home use. Have it today and have the full solution on your door security today.

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