How to provide guests with satisfactory services?

Talking about hotel service, everyone in the hotel industry has been discussing how to provide guests with satisfactory services. If the hotel wants to get into a first-class hotel, the hotel service will be the first thing they consider. It’s true that the outside of the hotel building is the external image of the hotel, and it is an important factor that affects the guests staying in the hotel, but the hotel service is undoubtedly the soul of the entire hotel system. If we regard the appearance of the hotel as affecting the guest, then the service can determine the check-in of the guests. Therefore, how should we serve our guests?

Safety system:

Safety, Safety, Safety! It’s the most important thing in our hotel. Once the guests check into our hotel, we should ensure their property safety and personal safety. When a guest chooses to stay in our hotel among many choices, it shows that he/she trusts us to provide him/her with a safe and good accommodation environment. But how to provide guests with a sense of security, before they check in? The lock is the first line of defense in a room. Therefore, a lock is your first step to upgrade your security system!

Nowadays, the hotel lock in high-end hotels is no longer use the usual lock. Electronic locks have become the darling of high-end hotels. Electronic locks have many functions which the usual locks don’t have. Furthermore, some electric locks are friendly to people with physical disabilities. The author would take an electronic lock, 2021 latest electronic lock as an example.



    ·Anti-hacker technology: You may understand the meaning of this function from the literal meaning. This technology doesn’t allow re-program FLASH RAM  lock memory from outside sources. You don’t need to worry about the hacker would hack the lock to enter the room at midnight and hurt the guests.

    ·Emergency Opening Options. In a panic situation, the deadbolt and latch are automatically retracted from the inside handle. Therefore, in an emergency, the lock will not block the pace of the guest’s escape


    ·ADA compliant. It means this lock is accessible to guests with disabilities. If your hotel install this lock in the door, you could provide a convenient experience  to your guest with disabilities.

Personalized guest service

As the old sayings, adjust measures to local conditions. Facing the guests from different cultures, we also should adjust our service to different cultures.


All in all, as hotel workers, we should put guests’ safety into the first position. Second, under the ensuring of property safety and personal safety, we could give customized service to our guests.

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