How the Elctronic Door Locks Change The Hotel Industry?

With the development of the electronic industry, the hotel industry also gets earth-shaking changes in the security systems. The electronic door lock is the leader of the change of the security system. Today, I will illustrate to you how electronic door locks change the hotel industry.

Improve the Security System

The hotel security system is the first one get to improve in this reform. It is because the door lock is the major force in the hotel security system. In the past years, hotels have usually adopt traditional mechanical locks. Although the traditional mechanical locks still have their advantages, it still exists potential safety issues. For example, the door lock keys would easily get copied by the previous guest, which would harm the rights and property of following guests and hotel.

Let’s talk back to the electronic hotel door lock. The electronic hotel lock is usually is RFID card door lock, containing an RFID reader/writer and a magnetic door lock.


Electronic Hotel Lock

The RFID card is not easy to copy. Furthermore, the hoteliers can invalidate the missed RFID card, which ensures anyone can not open the door with invalided RFID card. Here is an example of an RFID electronic hotel lock. The electronic hotel door lock also adopts anti-hacker technology for the lock. The electronic door lock doesn’t allow re-program FLASH RAM lock memory from outside escutcheon.

Improve Management Efficiency

It is not an easy job for a hotelier to manage such a place that receives a lot of traffic from people. Unlike the past traditional mechanical locks, the hotel door lock could be under the control of the computer management system, which significantly reduces the management cost of the hotel room. Also, the hotel managers also could acquire more information and improve the management from the hotel door lock. It is because the hotel managers can easily check the information on handheld service terminals, such as entry record audit trails, real-time clock adjustments, etc. In this field, the electronic hotel door lock historic changes the management method of hotels.


Electronic Hotel Lock

What’s more, the RFID hotel door lock is not expensive. This affordable investment could obviously improve guest check-in efficiency. This investment is worthy to be considered, when the hoteliers plan to update the security system of the hotel.

Improve the Living Experience

First, security is the most important factor in the guest’s eyes when they check-in at the hotel. As above mentioned, the security system is the first one get improved. Therefore, the electronic hotel door lock could release the anxiety of hotel security of the guests. The electronic hotel door lock provides the guests a safer environment than the traditional mechanical lock does.

Second, the electronic hotel door lock also provides customers a great convenience that the traditional lock can not provide. The RFID card is easy to carry which allows customers to place it into the pocket. Furthermore, some electronic hotel door lock allows mobile key accessing method. Equipping with Mifare contactless technology, the electronic door lock let the guest could be easy to access the guest room without an insert key card.


All in all, Adopting electronic door locks is a major trend in the hotel industry. As hoteliers, we should closely follow the major trend in security systems and update the security system for your hotels. It not only could protect the property and safe of the guest but also make your management more efficient and reduce the unnecessary cost.

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