How to Choose the Right Door Lock for Your Home?

Pacing with the smart technology, the security system also gets improved. More and more families prefer to choose the electronic digital door lock. But they always encounter difficulty, when they are facing various door locks —- How to choose the right electronic door lock for a house? Today, I will answer the above question on this page.

Alarming System

An alarming system is the first factor you need to take into consideration. It is because the alarming system is the simple but essential function in the electronic door lock, especially the electronic door lock with pin-code accessing function. The function of the alarming system is it shall sound an alarm and last for the 60s if someone tries to open the lock with an unrecorded fingerprint, RF card, or PIN 5 times.


Home Door Lock

Scramble Code

The scramble code is the second factor you need to pay attention to, when you are purchasing the electronic door lock. The most outstanding benefit of the scramble code is you could input some random numbers when you are inputting the right code, so as to prevent the passerby from spying on your actual access code. Also, using scramble code could make your actual passcode longer which makes other people harder to memorize. Therefore, the electronic door lock with scramble code is the perfect choice for those people who live in a commercial residential house or living in a condo with neighbors passing by all the time.


There is an old saying “no two leaves are alike.” So does the fingerprint. Because of its feature, the fingerprint accessing method is the third factor you need to consider. The patterns of each finger are different and immutable. Also, the fingerprint accessing method is a boon as it overcomes the drawback of previous security systems, meanwhile provides a very high level of recognition accuracy. Furthermore, law enforcement in many countries uses this technology to find suspects.


Push & Pull Fingerprint Digital Door Lock

Speaking of this, you may understand the benefits and the importance of the fingerprint accessing method. If you are those people who pay more attention to security and privacy, you shall choose the electronic door lock with fingerprint accessing method.

Currently, there are two major fingerprint identification technologies: Optical fingerprint identification and biometric fingerprint recognition. Biometric fingerprint recognition is better, which is more secure. Therefore, you should choose the electronic door lock with biometric fingerprint recognition to improve your house security.

Online Locking

Fourth, if you are a heavy user of cell phones, the electronic digital door lock with online locking is your ideal option for your house. The single alone electronic door lock usually can be unlocked through the methods of CFID card, digital code, fingerprint, etc., while the digital door lock with online function could remotely unlock the lock for others, and set key information for specific personnel with time limits in addition to the above functions.


In one word, alarming system, scramble code, fingerprint, online locking are the elements you need to take into consideration. But the choice of electronic door locks depends on your actual needs, a suggestion from a professional smart door lock manufacturer. For example, the electronic door lock with scramble code is suitable for those people who live in a commercial residential house.

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