Hotel’s Best Electronic RFID Lock

The hotel industry has evolved within no time, and this has seen it develop several technologies which match different developments in the industry. This is done to make this industry more comfortable, fashionable, as well as ease the use of locks within the hotel premises.

Considering the high volume of guests that hotels receive, the RFID hotel lock system ensures both convenience and effectiveness in the use of this innovative lock solution. This security method ensures that every guest feels more comfortable and secure compared to traditional lock systems. Let’s have a quick review of Be-Tech’s best electronic RFID lock specially made for fashionable and modern hotels.

Benefits of the Visual II RFID Electronic Hotel Lock system

There are several advantages and benefits which come with the use of this amazing lock specially made for hotels. With consideration of the number of guests a hotel can receive, it uses RFID hotel lock system, which is suitable in ensuring convenience as well as effectiveness in the use of this amazing hotel lock. Below are some of the advantages you will enjoy from the use of this electronic hotel lock.

Use of Contactless Technology – In a world full of fear due to infectious diseases such as Covid-19, limiting points of contact is one of the essential things to ensure your guests are safe. This electronic RFID hotel lock uses the Mifare contactless technology for all the staff as well as the guest cards. This not only makes it safe to use but also easy to access.

Adaptability – The use of this best electronic hotel lock can easily fit the use of any hotel style through its different RFID keycards and carriers as well. On its adaptability, you can choose from wristbands, keyfobs, or even low-cost guest cards. This will center on matching different hotel types, whether it be a resort, Business, SPA, or any other type of hotel.

Advanced Security Feature – With the use of anti-hacker technology for locks, this electronic hotel lock has very minimal chances of being hacked. This is so as it features the anti-hacker technology, which does not allow reprogramming for a Flash RAM lock memory while outside the escutcheon.

Provides more Information with High Control – Through the use of the Visual II RFID hotel lock, you can hold with yourself more information as well as manage the cards from the service unit easily. Furthermore, it can assist in audits by providing audit trail information on how activities are done in the hotel.

Product Specs

This hotel electronic RFID lock is featured by the following:

  • The brand of this electronic lock is Be-Tech
  • The Model of this product is Visual II RFID
  • It uses long-lasting materials making it to be highly durable through the use of the stainless steel handle together with a long-lasting painting finish.
  • This lock is ADA compliant for guests with physical disabilities
  • It is compatible with the BISHOTEL software platform
  • This lock provides high security through the stainless steel mortise lock case, which comes in several versions that include AUS, ANSI as well as EURO Versions.

For hotels seeking to enhance their security, guest convenience, and operational efficiency, the Visual II RFID Electronic Hotel Lock system from Be-Tech offers a comprehensive solution. With its advanced features, adaptability, and seamless integration with the BISHOTEL platform, this innovative lock system positions Be-Tech as a leader in the industry.

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