Business Case: An Advanced rfid door lock for Student Dormitory

When the contractors are designing a security system for rental rooms or departments, they always keep finding a kind of affordable and reliable electronic room door locks. As one of the leading electronic door lock manufacturers in China, Be-Tech is always creating a series of door locks for meeting market needs.

Today, allow us to present to you one of the excellent projects we take charge of, to show you how we help the rental apartment create a great electronic door lock system.

Electronic Door Lock Project: Background Introduction

Established in 2011, the Stay Club regards building inspiring spaces and an ever-evolving international community as the service concept ground. The Stay Club is dedicated to moving beyond an accommodation service, taking life within their buildings a step forward. First, the reception desks are staffed 24 hours, 7 days a week to ensure residents can always address their inquiries and receive support. Second, The stay club also designs an abundance of social spaces which are accompanied by in-house events. The cafes and restaurants are the main event venue. Third, The Stay Club focuses on the student’s private space. The Stay Club’s student accommodation is comprised of ensuite studios and individual kitchenettes, offering an independent living experience.


Electronic Door Lock Project: the Key Needs of The Stay Club

When The Stay Club is reading our product brochure,  they indicate that they need an electronic door lock that should match their service concept. Here are the main key needs in the electronic keyless entry door locks :

Help to create a high-security commercial electronic door lock system

Requires affordable maintenance and needs affordable of the keys

Is able to create a Barrier-free environment

Provides convenience in managing rooms

Benefits of Base RFID Rfid Security Door Locks

According to the service object, business idea, and the indoor decoration of the Stay Club, we offer our Base RFID security door locks which are designed to use the latest Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. The electronic door locks offer a high-cost performance solution to go contactless Be-Tech electronic lock but also a flexible solution for future all-in-one card applications. Here are the benefits of this RFID electronic door lock:


RFID Electronic Door Lock

Create High-Security Commercial Electronic Door Lock System

In physical structure, the commercial rfid door lock is constructed with a high-security stainless steel mortise lock case and a high-security mechanical override cylinder. The stainless steel handle has a high strong central spindle. Then, it is clear that the rfid keyless door lock has a reliable and high-security structure. In technology, Be-Tech revolutionarily design a new function to prevent hackers. Be-Tech anti-hacker technology does not allow re-program FLASH RAM lock memory from outside escutcheon.

Offers An Affordable and Reliable Commercial Electronic Door Lock System

Compared with other brands of door locks, electronic keyless door locks have multiple functions but are not too expensive. Also, the electronic keyless door locks have higher adaptability than other brands. You could use low-cost guest cards, wristbands, and keyfobs to perfectly match different hotel types: Business, Resort, Spa, and All-Inclusive.

Is Friendly to People Who Have Mobility Difficulty

Be-Tech is a comprehensive hotel door lock manufacturer that always focuses on the actual needs of users. Therefore, the electronic keyless door locks are designed to accord with ADA compliance, so as to provide the most convenience to everyone. The ADA compliance is the abbreviation of the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards. It means that all electronic information and technology must be accessible to those with disabilities.

Create A Convenient & Advanced Electronic Door Lock Management System

First, this rfid entry door lock provides the users with more information and control. You could check more information on the handheld service terminal such as entry record audit trail, low battery status, real-time clock adjustment, etc. Second, the staff could integrate and interface BASE RFID keycards with other applications at your hotel. Third, this rfid card door lock is prospective, so it is compatible with the future-proof re-programmable FLASH RAM lock memory. Forth, equipped with Mifare contactless technology, there is no need of inserting a keycard in the rfid card door lock for staff and guest cards.


With the forward-looking design and the latest RFID technology, the rfid electronic door lock is an ideal and perfect safety option for The Stay Club. The BASE RFID series dorm room electronic locks not only help The Stay Club manage the short-term/long-term accommodation but also create a high-level security system to ensure the safety of the guests.

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