Know about What Best Hotel Lock Suppliers Offer?

A perfectly locked door can be a noteworthy thought as your first line of guard against robbery and thieves. Therefore, choosing the best hotel lock for your establishment is crucial, as its effectiveness and quality will directly impact the security and overall experience of your guests.

Evolution of Hotel Lock Technology

  1. Magnetic stripe card lock – The original hotel card entry lock, which required inserting the magnetic stripe card into the lock to open the door. With the advancement of technology, this lock has been phased out.
  2. RFID Hotel lock – RFID technology has improved the user experience. Individuals do not have to insert a key card to open the door, and the contactless RFID hotel door lock has been adopted by practically all hotels due to its usability and cost advantages.

A typical hotel lock system comprises the following components:

  • Hotel card door lock
  • Electronic door lock card – to open the lock
  • Encoder to work with the management software to issue cards, drop cards, set cards, and more
  • Handheld device – Collect the opening records inside the lock to know when and which card opened the lock

When you purchase hotel locks, you need to buy cards, encoders, software, and handhelds as well.

Be-Tech Locks: A Leading Hotel Lock Supplier

Not all hotels have enough budget to purchase costly hotel door locks. So you need to find a cost-effective manufacturer, such as Be-Tech, which is a hotel door lock maker with excellent service. Among their top products, the Be-Tech BASE II ‘LEVER’ RFID is a modern, cylinder-shaped lock solution. It combines contemporary design and expert engineering to present a versatile security option that seamlessly integrates into back-of-house security plans, providing enhanced life safety and property protection. It seamlessly integrates with existing Be-Tech installations. The Be-Tech BASE II ‘LEVER’ RFID is ideal for upgrading existing mechanical locking systems or enhancing back-of-house controls. As a result, it is compatible with the BIS HOTEL software platform.

Be-Tech Locks stands out in the market by offering innovative and user-friendly keyless hotel door locks that prioritize both security and convenience. Their smart hotel lock solutions leverage cutting-edge technologies like RFID and biometrics, ensuring that only authorized personnel and guests can access restricted areas.

Fingerprint Digital Door Lock – R665F-19B

One of the key advantages of partnering with Be-Tech Locks is their commitment to seamless integration. Their solutions for hotels and resorts are designed to work seamlessly with existing infrastructure, minimizing disruptions and maximizing operational efficiency.

In addition to their advanced lock systems, Be-Tech Locks provides comprehensive support and services to hotel door lock suppliers and their clients. This includes installation assistance, maintenance programs, and ongoing software updates to ensure that their solutions remain secure and up-to-date with the latest industry standards.

“We recently upgraded our hotel’s lock system with Be-Tech Locks’ RFID solution, and the impact on guest satisfaction has been remarkable. Not only have we enhanced security, but the seamless check-in and room access experience has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our guests.” – John Doe, Hotel Manager

As the hospitality industry continues to evolve, Be-Tech Locks remains at the forefront of innovation, constantly developing new features and capabilities to meet the ever-changing needs of hotels and their guests. With a strong focus on security, convenience, and customer satisfaction, Be-Tech Locks is well-positioned to be a trusted partner for hotels seeking reliable and cutting-edge lock solutions.

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