Electronic Hotel Locks: The New Way to Go In Hotel Door Locks

Nowadays is very common for hotels to dive into new technology to improve their hotel, as that option would provide more comfort and safety for the guests. This is why there is no doubt that the number of online retailers and distributors of this product have increased over the years. And not only has the market increased but the technology has developed as well, which makes the product not only useful but attractive to the eye.

Electronic Hotel Locks: The New Way to Go In Hotel Door Locks

This is a reality with the company Be-Tech that specializes in the manufacture of hotel door locks. One example is their product SHADOW II RFID series, which is especially designed for hotels that have the desire of making sure that there is consistency between the whole look of the hotel. The product comes in a variety of finishes so that the hotel can choose the lock that will blend perfectly with the hardware and the door that decorates the building.

The Be-Tech SHADOW II RFID door lock is suited best for those hotels that have a contemporary and modern environment. It’s great as it will blend with the overall image of the corridor which will end up enhancing the aesthetic of the style of the hotel.

The famous phrase less is more, is very true in this case. A corridor where the hotel door locks are of different color or material than the door and the furniture that decorates the hall looks very tacky and unprofessional. The best is for a lock design to blend into the whole aesthetic, which is something that happens with the right choice of the Be-Tech SHADOW II RFID series. This option allows architects and designers to put their ideas of a coherent design into action as it will allow them to preserve the door aesthetics.

But enough about the visual aspect of this hotel door lock, let’s explain a little bit why this is a special model.

Some of its features are:

• It´s a standalone electronic lock that also has RFID technology.
• It’s made out of high security stainless steel mortise lock case that is available in a DIN version
• The material used in the production of the handle of the lock is stainless steel withr lock is powered by four AA batteries that are able to provide up to 1 year life time. With the battery been located inside of the door.
• For a higher security factor this lock has a mechanical override cylinder available.
• The way the locking mechanism of this hotel door lock works is with an electro-mechanical locking mechanism.
•  long lasting painting finish.
• It has a special panic release function, this means that the deadbolt and latch are automatically retracted form the inside of the handle for easy regress in case of an emergency situation.
• This hotel door lock has System Software Compatibility with the BIS Hotel System.
• It has been proven to stand an storage temperature of -20˚C~60˚C in a non-condensing environment.

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