Door Hardware, Digital Locks can Help Protect Your Business

Both institutional and commercial facilities are hard at work when it comes to boosting their security. They are asking the engineers and maintenance professionals to increase the security levels. But mechanical locks just don’t seem to cut it anymore, which is why digital locks have the potential to bring in some tremendous benefits. This way facilities have better, improved access and features, not to mention the results and return on investment as a whole is very good too. So, the entire set of features delivered here are well worth the effort.

It’s very important to identify and manage any hardware needs. But at the same time, there are special requirements that you have to take into consideration. You need to comply with the business safety codes that include panic egress or fire alarms. ADA compliance and accessibility is crucial too, and in the end it will be more than worth it. While code compliance does come with its own fair share of challenges, the results that it can deliver will be very impressive.

Then you also have to think about BHMA hardware grading. This will also offer you a way to assess the reliability and quality of the door hardware. You can easily figure out which is the right option and how great the results can be for you, provided that you do have the right amount of features and options. Moreover, the BHMA grades are shared at progressive levels based on benchmarks. These include stuff like hardware product functions, category content and so on. Thanks to these grades you will have no problem identifying the product value and the results you can get from it.

However, if you encounter vague claims, then the results will not be as good as you would imagine here. You need to make sure that you have more than Grade 1. Otherwise, if the description is not to the point and everything shared is unclear, you will not be able to identify and understand everything properly.

Be-Tech hotel lock suppliers can bring you only the best digital locks on the market and we are offering professional, high grade content that suits your needs and requirements. Our products meet the customer requirements and we always follow the market trends too. This way you can trust our team to get the results you always wanted regardless of the situation. All you need is to contact our sales team to learn more about our offer.

Door Hardware, Digital Locks can Help Protect Your Business

Be-Tech hotel lock suppliers can bring in professional solutions like door locks that are fire listed for usage on fire doors, not to mention high security stainless steel mortise lockcase, CE, ANSI/BHMA, UL approval, stainless steel latch construction and so on. Our products also have a die casting handle that’s really durable, ADA compliance and they are even bringing you BISHOTEL platform compatibility as well, which is really important to focus on. The products can also include a high security mechanical override, not to mention you can configure the stainless-steel handle as well!

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