Benefits of Electronic Door Locks in the Workplace

If you are running a business, the security of your premises is your priority. You not only need to protect your property in your office but also should protect the property and safety of your staff. Although the CCTV cameras and alarm systems are the common and wise option to deter potential intruders and ensure that your building remains safe, we still pay more attention to the more straight safeguarding method. Electronic commercial door locks are a great option for those looking to enhance the security of their business and improve accessibility. Relying on the modern and advanced electronic technology, the electronic entry door locks have a better performance on the security and the accessibility than the traditional door locks do.

Today, a lot of different electronic office door locks are on the market to meet all different types of businesses and organizations. From commercial key code door locks to the keyless electronic rfid door locks, all of them not only help you improve the accessing system but also bring many benefits to your business massively.

Then, Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using electronic office door locks in your workplace in the below content.

Enhanced Security

One of the greatest benefits of using electronic office door locks is they significantly improve the security level of your business premises. First, the electronic office door locks are pick-proof.Second, the electronic door lock systems allow you to restrict the accessing in a specific area. The electronic door lock systems also allow you to set the various security levels.

You could set the authorization to allow specific persons access to the specific area. Third, the electronic door lock systems also could invalidate the losing keycards as soon as you make the related operation in the system, so you don’t need to worry about the potential risks of losing keycards and replace the door locks with the new ones.

Visual Deterrence

The criminals and potential intruders may not be scared of the visual deterrents such as CCTV cameras, alarm systems, and light sensors, because they could find a way to avoid the visual deterrents. But, the electronic access door lock may be more useful. Most criminals and potential intruders are opportunists who look for easy and quick access to buildings. They may get into trouble when facing the electronic access door lock because the electronic office door locks are keyless entry door lock systems and require an RFID key card, a code, or a fingerprint. They have no idea how to open these doors in such a nervous emotion, then they will be put off by this and are far more likely to target a different building that has a weaker security system.

Easy Access & Monitoring

These electronic office door locks offer unique and convenient accessing methods such as RFID cards, key codes, etc. Your staff just need to put the right key card on the electronic door locks card reader or input the right key code, they can easily to be allowed to enter the workplace. And, you don’t have to too much money on copying metal keys to distribute the office keys to every employee. The office electronics door locks offer an easy and affordable accessing solution to many offices.

As for the monitoring, the normal electronic office door locks have the event audit trails. They record when the key card is used. If something happens in a room, such as valuable equipment going missing or something being broken, you could check the trails to find out who use this room at the time.

Be-Tech: Electronic Office Door Locks

At Be-Tech, we fully understand the importance of business security and what the company actually needs in the security system. We have a range of rfid office door locks to help you establish your own access control systems.

Here are three great products we highly recommend:

1.Be-Tech VISUAL RFID Door Lock


Be-Tech VISUAL RFID Door Lock series is one of the latest electronic locks. It is simple, fashionable, and comfortable, which could well splendid into the indoor decoration of your office. “The sparkling bright spot, not just the looks”. With the combination of Be-Tech VISUAL Aluminium RFID series and Matt black spray coating finish, it allows architects and designers to maximize a hotel’s fashion sense and enhance the users’ experience to a new level. Therefore, it is suitable for those who focus on the appearance of the door lock.

As for the security, the rfid office door lock is specially designed as a stand-alone electronic lock with RFID technology and has a high-security stainless steel mortise lock case, so you could trust it to safeguard your company.

2.9004 Series Keyless Electronic RFID Door Lock


This 9004 series keyless electronic rfid door lock is the high-cost performance solution to go contactless Be-Tech electronic lock. Based on the future trend, Be-Tech introduces it as the most flexible solution for future All-in-one card applications. Therefore, it is an affordable option for small-size companies. With the 3-point stainless steel latch and 20mm throw high strength deadbolt, it would be the main force to safeguard your property. And, it is capable of conducting a 1000 events audit trail.

3.RFID Card Keyless Entry Door Locks


This is one of the latest rfid card keyless entry door locks in Be-Tech and is compatible with the SO 14 443 A (MIFARE) standard. This electronic rfid card door lock adopts Be-Tech self-developed anti-hacker technology, which greatly prevents the hacking of the electronic door lock. The anti-hacker technology does not allow re-program FLASH RAM lock memory from outside escutcheon. It is a great option for those companies that care about hackers.


Installing electronic keyless door locks in the workplace is the hot and major trend in the current environment. They not only significantly improve the safety level of your offices but also provide the most convenience in the management and the accessing. The rfid office door lock is one of the most commonly used in the workplace. If you are upgrading the security system of your company, you could contact Be-Tech to design your own complete electronic door lock system.

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