How to Choose the Best Keyless Entry Door Locks for Schools and Colleges

If you are the administrator or caretaker at a school or college, you have clearly known how important it is to have adequate campus access control systems within campus buildings. Safety is first in a school and college, especially in primary school. You need to ensure not only the student and staff safety but also the property of the school.

The Dilemma in School or College Accessing Control System

Most traditional schools usually use the traditional key-operated locks to manage the rooms. And, the traditional key-operated locks also provide good levels of security when the keys can be properly managed. But, if they are not under the proper management, what will happen? The school staff has to cut off the metal keys and replace the educational building’s old door locks with new ones, in case the potential safety risks. Then distribute the new keys to the right staff. These actions require time and money to implement. Then, it would cause a dilemma between safety problems and budget issues.

Today, more and more schools prefer to use keyless entry door locks to solve this problem and improve the security level of educational buildings. The keyless door lock is a cost-effective and standalone access control product that offers greater functionality over traditional locks and keys. Also, it offers multiple functions to meet diverse management needs.

However, with so many different types of electronic door locks on the market, it can sometimes be difficult to choose the one that best fits your needs. Fortunately, Be-Tech has put together a checklist of questions for you to consider before you make your investment.

Here are the main factors you need to take into your consideration before making your investment.

Do You Want The Doors To Lock Automatically?

When there are many rooms in educational buildings to manage, you may want the electronic door could automatically unlock or lock to improve the management efficiency.

Do Require Access with a Key?

The key could be divided into the metal key and key card. For some important rooms, you may hope to install the key code door locks rather than the key card door lock to avoid the keys’ loss risk and allow access for those specific persons.

Do You Need A Complete Door Lock Management System?

As above mentioned, large-scale boarding schools and colleges require the staff to take much energy in manage the rooms. They usually have to close and open the classroom door locks several in a day. And the student dorm also needs great dorm room door locks for accessing control.

Since electronic door locks use modern digital technology, some school managers may eager to find a complete door lock management system to manage the door locks efficiently. Luckily, Be-Tech newly launched the latest keyless entry door lock—-wireless access control door lock and introduced the latest door lock system for schools, which could fulfill your actual needs to manage the door lock.

wireless access control door lock

Wireless Access Control Door Lock

Cooperated with the LoRa system, this wireless door lock provides the most convenient and latest wireless door lock control system. It could fulfill the following functions;

Advanced Lora Solution: This online system is a solution that offers efficient management and operation for your existing properties as well as new projects. This wireless entry door lock is one of the parts of the Lora solution. In the Lora solution, the school is secured 24/7. It is able to keep track of who goes where and when to open the wireless door lock in real-time.

Automatically lock/unlock by simple remote operation. After the binding between the wireless door lock with the Lora gateway and the DMS software system is completed, you could control the lock and unlock the door lock in the DMS system. It could greatly reduce labor costs in the management of the classrooms.

All in one card provide easy to manage all the equipment in properties.

The offline issue card provides a backup solution for the properties in case of network breakdown. As an old saying “ a storm may arise from a clear sky.” And sometimes the power electricity may suddenly off in the hot summer, and some ordinary wireless door locking systems may be out of your control. Luckily, the Be-Tech wireless door lock system offers an offline backup solution to ensure the normal working of the electronic door lock under the dilemma of network breakdown.

Audit trails and events over the network. The wireless entry door locks would real-time record each access.

Users Friendly: the wireless entry door locks are ADA compliant. In other words, it is friendly for those who have difficulty moving.


In conclusion, when you consider installing the wireless door lock control system in your school, you need to take the above factors into your consideration. If you have no idea which type of keyless entry door locks are best for your school or college, you could consult Be-Tech, an electronic door lock manufacturer who has designed multiple wireless door lock system projects for many schools and colleges in the world.

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