What Solution Does Be-Tech Provide for Multifamily Housing?

The multifamily market is growing very strong. That’s why door control units manufacturer like Be-Tech are constantly trying to bring in front some new solutions focused on great features and tremendous quality. However, since residential systems can also offer support for multiple families, there is a need for some serious and highly professional systems that you need to take into consideration here. With that in mind, finding the right systems here can really pay off.

Be-Tech is focused on providing security solution. Most of these are coming into a variety of credentialing system. It’s quite common for building management to require updates to the gate systems, commercial locks, and residential locks as well.

What Solution Does Be-Tech Provide for Multifamily Housing?

Electronic Digital Locks

Model: G536FK

  • You can use PIN code and fingerprint access
  • Instant fake pin code for security
  • You can be notified by the LED indicator to see the current operation
  • Automatic locking features are fast and reliable
  • There’s an alarm that will stay on for a minute if there’s an opening failure for more than 3 times
  • In case the battery is low, you will receive a warning signal
  • Dedicated mechanical key override unlocking system

RFID elevator controller

Be-Tech has a professional RFID controller that can be used for elevator panels in no time. You can easily operate it offline if you want and it delivers complete BIS hotel support. Plus, only guests and staffs will have access to the elevator authority, so that on its own can be an incredible opportunity and experience.

Electronic cabinet lock

Be-Tech offers you high convenient with help from proximity RFID carrier (RFID keycards, wristband, key fobs, etc…). This is a lot better when compared to using mechanical keys. Those require a lot of inconvenient, which is something that you want to avoid.

Door control unit

Be-Tech brings you a great solution if you want access control to doors. This includes staff centers, gym rooms, health centers, parking barriers and so on. If you want to have more control over guest houses, this is the right option that you need to take into account. It’s amazing especially for rental condominiums as well!

Energy control unit

The Be-Tech accessories are great if you want to offer guests a much better and more comprehensive way to save money and energy as well. This has complete compatibility with the Be-Tech room keycard. It’s also a very reliable and intelligent solution that can easily help you get the safety you need. Plus, you can also limit the air conditioning use according to your requirements!

If you want to learn more about us, please contact us, we will give the best service to you.

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