When you think about Best Fingerprint Door Lock Suppliers, what name comes in your mind?

If you’re looking for the best fingerprint door lock supplier, the name that should come to mind is Be-Tech. As a leading provider of innovative access control solutions, Be-Tech has established itself as a trusted brand in the industry, offering high-quality fingerprint door locks that combine advanced security features with exceptional convenience.

One of Be-Tech’s standout products is the Fingerprint and RFID Card and Touchpad Digital Door Lock-I8A1FMT-AS. This cutting-edge lock boasts three access methods: fingerprint, RFID card, and PIN code, ensuring maximum flexibility and security for residential and commercial properties alike.

Here are some of the key features that make the I8A1FMT a top choice among fingerprint door lock solutions:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication: The lock’s three access methods (fingerprint, RFID card, and PIN code) provide robust security and prevent unauthorized entry.
  • LED Indicator: An LED indicator advises you of the lock’s status through various colors and signals, ensuring clear communication during operation.
  • Random Code Entry: To enhance security, you must enter a random code before the correct code when presenting it to others.
  • Key Cancellation: If you lose your key, you can easily cancel its function, preventing potential misuse.
  • Emergency Handle Operation: For convenience and in case of an emergency, the lock allows you to open the door from the inside by simply turning the handle.
  • Tamper Alert: An alert will sound for 60 seconds if anyone attempts to open the lock with an incorrect fingerprint, RFID card, or PIN code three times, deterring potential intruders.
  • Battery Notification: A consistent ‘signal’ sound during door access will alert you to replace the batteries, ensuring uninterrupted operation.
  • Discreet Keypad: The keypad numbers can be seen only when you touch the screen with your palm, adding an extra layer of privacy and security.
  • Mechanical Key Backup: For emergencies, the lock can also be opened with a mechanical key, providing a failsafe option.


“Be-Tech’s fingerprint door locks have been a game-changer for our hotel’s security and guest experience,” says John Doe, General Manager of XYZ Hotel. “Not only do they provide robust protection against unauthorized access, but they also offer unparalleled convenience for our guests, who no longer have to worry about losing their room keys.”

According to Jane Smith, Lead Product Designer at Be-Tech, “Our team is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation to deliver the most advanced and user-friendly fingerprint door lock solutions. The I8A1FMT model is a testament to our commitment to combining cutting-edge technology with intuitive design, ensuring seamless integration into any residential or commercial setting.”

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With its advanced features, robust security, and commitment to innovation, Be-Tech has solidified its position as the go-to fingerprint door lock supplier for discerning customers seeking the best in access control technology.

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