Hotel Door Locks: What Is In?

In every type of business innovation is the key to success. Everything in the world is being updated to be more technologically-driven and leaving the mechanical and tedious way of work in the past.

There is a popular phrase that goes “don’t fix what is not broken”, but this is only followed by lazy people, intellectuals and innovators are always trying to improve, to create something before people needs it. This is how iPhone was invented, Steve Jobs saw ahead of its time and created a product that is very popular and desired by most.

The same can be applied to any line of work, successful people will always try to be ahead of its time, they will look for problems where people think everything is fine, and this is the case with hotel door locks as well.

Like in every place that needs security, hotel locks were secured and opened with a mechanical lock. And this are pretty functional and straight forward to use, a guest or an employee has a key and that way they are able to open an specific lock of a room door.

Hotel Door Locks: What Is In?

But with the passing of time, this type of lock became dangerous. It’s pretty easy to create an extra copy of a set of keys, allowing anyone who desires to be able to open a closed door. This meant that the belongings of a guest in a hotel became endangered and in easy access to be stolen.

This incentivized hotel owners to find a solution to this safety issue. Thankfully, people ahead of this problem were already creating electric hotel locks. As the name suggests, this lock works together with technology, there is no need to have a untrustworthy metal key, now with a card it’s enough to safely open doors.

This was difficult to process for some people, but then they realized the convenience and the safety this product offered to their establishment. Not only are they safer, but because of the increase of popularity of this product a lot of distributors appeared in the market. This is great because it meant the creation of more advanced yet beautiful locks.

A great example is the one produced by the Be-Tech company, they are a professional manufacturer in China, who specializes in hotel door locks. One of their top hotel door locks is the VISION II RFID series, this is their latest electronic locks which uses simple, fashionable and comfortable design while being very technologically advanced.

As the name suggests it uses RFID technology which is compatible with ISO 14.443 A (MIFARE) system. But not only does it have great technological specs but it was visually created thinking about the customer. Its stainless steel handle and slick look makes it perfect for those modern and fashionable hotels, that have as a goal to create a safe space for guest while at the same time endorsing a aesthetically pleasing environment.

Now the things that are in are: safety and technology while being beautiful.

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