The Benefits Of RFID Hotel Lock System

One of the most important things in a hotel is the security and that is why the hotel’s security system needs to be able to provide a convenient, comfortable and a safe experience throughout the entire guests stay. This is able to be achieved thanks to modern electronic door lock systems which will end up providing the most optimal guest experience.

Now a days the basic standards of security and manageability are very high but these can be achieved with advanced high-quality hotel door locks. In this case we are specifically talking about RFID door locks which don’t need a mechanical key, but a much more convenient RFID card.

The Benefits Of RFID Hotel Lock System

The good thing about this product is that it comes in variety of diverse designs, colors, and finishes that are able to complement any hotel’s style. Same way there are a lot of companies that design, manufacture and distribute this product so there is a lot of options to choose from with different varying prices, the costumer would be able to choose according to its needs.

The company we will be talking about is Be-Tech which has over 28 years of experience on the market in which they have able to stablish themselves as a world-class, high quality producer of security products – with an emphasis on electronic locks.

They have an extensive catalog of products that have different applications but we will be diving into more detail on their product that goes by the name of Electronic Hotel Card Lock – Base II ‘Retro’ RFID. They describe this product as being a stylish EURO mortise that is able to perfectly combine a modern design and high-class technology to end up with a top-notch security option that is a great solution for safety and comfort.

Be-Tech also explains this is a great option for upgrading already existing mechanical door locks or for improving back-of-house controls. They say that their products are based on the same product platform as Be-Tech RFID locking system which makes this product to be compatible with BIS HOTEL software platform. As well other technological specifications are that it has 13.56MHz technology and has 11 free sectors for future All-in-one card application use.

This electronic hotel door lock is made out of the highest quality materials, for example for the handles and the lock body it is used stainless steel of quality SUS304. The finishes elevate the product and will be able to fit into the design of any location, this specific product comes in the metal finishes of silver and matte black.

This type of new technology is a perfect way that hotels are able to stand out and differentiate their properties from the competition. In today’s environment where technology is so important and visibly in people’s normal day to day this is a great way to increase business to any hotel.

With this explanation and the suggestion of this trustworthy company there is no need to wait longer to make this great change for the better.

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