Purchasing Guide: Fingerprint Door Lock

In the last article, I talked about the basic knowledge of the fingerprint smart lock and made you a preliminary impression of the fingerprint door lock. Today, to give you a deeper understanding of the fingerprint smart door lock, I will talk about fingerprint smart doorlock’s materials, and working principles.

The materials of Fingerprint Door Lock

Zinc alloy is the star material in the door lock industry. It is the most widely used material in the smart locks market. This type of material not only has the advantages of hardness and strong corrosion resistance but also is easy to process and mold. Furthermore, different colors are provided to the customers.


Fingerprint & RFID Card & Touchpad Digital Door Lock

Stainless Steel also actively join in the procedure of manufacturing the fingerprint door lock. With its relatively high hardness and durability, the stainless steels door lock could prevent the door lock from being violently removed to a certain degree.


Fingerprint & Pin Code Digital Door Lock

Aluminum alloy is a high cost-effective material in the door lock market. Through comprehensive assessment, the aluminum alloy also is a good material in manufacturing door locks. This material also accepts surface treatment so that offers customers different colors. However, the color provided is relatively less than the zinc alloy does.


Fingerprint & RFID Card & Touchpad Digital Door Lock

Copper has very high hardness and durability compare with the above three materials. From the perspective of aesthetics, the unique texture of copper creates the outstanding style of the smart door. The copper could reflect a good combination between the modern element and the vintage element.


Fingerprint Digital RIM Lock

Lock Case: Stainless Steel

Latch Bolt: Brass

The working Principle of the Fingerprint Door Lock

As we all know, the fingerprint door lock takes advantage of modern technology to keep its normal function. But how does the fingerprint door lock works? How they can identify our fingerprints? Actually, the fingerprint door lock works by scanning the fingerprint data and converting it into a digital template. When someone puts his/her single finger on the fingerprint scanner, the lock would automatically convert the fingerprint into digital data.


When you read this part of the page, I believe that you already have a clear understanding of the fingerprint door lock. If you confuse to decide which door lock you should buy for your house, the fingerprint door lock may be one of your ideal choices. By the way, if you are hunting for a fingerprint door lock, Be-Tech, a professional door lock manufacture, could provide a high safety door lock and security system solution to you.

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