Electronic Hotel Card Lock – A Great Hotel Door Lock Option

Nowadays big hotel chains don’t use mechanical door locks anymore. Electronic hotel door lock is the future and is what every small hotel aspire to achieve.

This is more that obvious to observe on the internet and the increase of hotel door locks distributors. There are a lot of options to choose from which is good because there is not a monopoly in the market, which gives every entrepreneur a chance to succeed.

One case of a great electronic hotel lock company is the one that goes by the name of Be-Tech, which specializes in the production of electric hotel door locks. They use a lot of research and technology to create high quality and safe products. One of them being the Be-Tech BASE II ‘LEVER’ RFID door lock, this is a very stylish cylindrical latch solution for any hotel.

For hotels with five star and high class aesthetic this is a perfect door lock as it combines modern design with expert engineering to present a multifaceted security option that fits seamlessly into the environment of the hall of hotels. It also possesses into back-of-house security blueprint which provides an upgraded life safety for guests and property security for the long business run of the hotel.

The product by Be-Tech with the name of BASE II ‘LEVER’ RFID is perfect to improve the lock system already found. The past is a world with mechanical lock systems, the future is electrical door locks that is able to improve back-of-house controls. All of Be-Tech products have the same locking system, which makes it compatible with BIS HOTEL software platform and other existing Be-Tech installations that the hotel might be previously using.

Still not convinced of this technology? Then let’s review some of the technology features and specifications.

Some characteristics of the lock are:
– This lock has stand-alone electronic lock with RFID technology.
– This Be-Tech product can easily replace existing mechanical door locks without any need of an extra carpentry or big investment.
– The lock has an anti-panic exit system, that is  pre-installed for the convenience of users. On top of that in case of an emergency, the user would be able to open the door by simply turning its handle from the inside.

Electronic Hotel Card Lock – A Great Hotel Door Lock Option

Technical Features:

– The door lock is powered with 4 x 1.5V AA alkaline batteries that last for one year of use with no problem.
– The battery is located inside of the back lock
– The handles are made out of Stainless steel quality SUS304.
– This lock can be found with different metal finishes, like: silver, matte black
– This is a great lock because it has an Emergency Opening Options: which is with a Mechanical cylinder
– The Locking Mechanism of this lock is an Electro-mechanical locking mechanism
– This door lock has System Software Compatibility with BIS Hotel

Be-Tech is one of the best electronic hotel lock suppliers you have ever know. Do not hesitate to contact Be-Tech for a great hotel door lock solution.


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