How to Choose RFID Key Card Door Locks for Hotel Rooms?

In the last post, I have mentioned that the RFID key card door locks are the most commonly used product in the hotel security system. Some hoteliers also may set about purchasing RFID key card door locks to update their hotel security system. But a question also arises in their minds. How to choose the right RFID key card door locks for hotel rooms? Don’t be a worry. Today, I will guide you on how to choose the right RFID key card door locks.

Hotel’s Environment

Before purchasing the RFID key card door lock, you need to evaluate the hotel’s environment. The natural geographical environment could affect the service life of the hotel door lock in certain terms. For example, the ordinary hotel door lock can not be used in the seafront hotel. Due to the humid environment, the hotel door lock is easy to get corroded. The nanometer-treated hotel door locks shall be adopted in the seafront hotel. Furthermore, the internal circuit boards must accept moisture-proof and anti-corrosion treatment. The clutch motor part also should be modular and fully enclosed.

Hotel Door Lock Material

The material determines the basic feature of the hotel door lock. In the current market, the door lock manufacturers offer a variety of hotel door lock: stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, and so on.

Stainless Steel

In the comprehensive evaluation, the stainless steel has an excellent performance. Without a doubt, there is no other material that has the same anti-corrosion performance as stainless steel. In the current hotel door locks, the stainless steel hotel door lock is outstanding in anti-prying, fire prevention, and so on. But the stainless steel offers little freedom in the design space. The design of stainless steel door locks usually is simple.


Electronic Hotel Card Lock

Zinc Alloy

Compared with stainless steel, the zinc alloy has a relatively soft texture and smooth surface. The zinc alloy makes production easier and provides designers with a lot of freedom in design.  Therefore, most high-end hotel door locks are forged with zinc. But the zinc alloy is not better than stainless steel in the rust-proof. It is easy to be damaged by the sharp external shock or force.

Aluminum Alloy

As for the aluminum alloy, the most outstanding benefit of it is cost-efficient. It means that the price of aluminum alloy is friendly with the hoteliers, meanwhile, does a great job in the security system.


Electronic RFID Hotel Door Lock

Door Lock System

The system is the most important factor you need to pay attention to when you purchase the electronic RFID door lock for your hotel. The system function determines the overall performance of the RFID card door lock. The system function covers three aspects: safety, stability, and hotel lock management system function.


When you are choosing the hotel door lock, you should carefully check the structure of the hotel door lock. The mechanical structure plays a significant role in safeguarding. The lock core technology and clutch motor technology both are the key points you need to check.


The stability of the door lock easily affects the guests who normally check into the room. Imagine that, when the guest find the door can not open or closed, they may think the hotel is not worth to book again in the future. Generally speaking, the mechanical structure, the motor, and the logic circuit part are the major factors that affect the stability of the RFID electronic door lock.

You need to check the lock core, mechanical structure, and clutch structure when checking the mechanical structures. Second, you need to check whether the electronic hotel door lock adopts the special motor. Third, you need to check whether there is a protection circuit design in the logic circuit part.

●Functions in Hotel Lock Management System

For hoteliers, the management system is a necessity in hotel management. In this aspect, you need to ensure that whether the functions in the management system are good enough for the hotel management method and whether the system is independently developed. The hotel lock management system with multiple functions could not only provide guests convenience but also upgrade the overall management level of the hotel. Furthermore, the independently developed system could add one more layer of protection for your hotel information.


All in all, before purchasing the hotel door lock, you need to make a comprehensive evaluation of your hotel and the RFID hotel door lock. Only if you make full preparation, you could choose the right hotel door lock for your hotel.

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