How Safe Are Hotel Room Safes?

When we are trying to find some information to help us to keep our valuables secure in a hotel, Placing them in the hotel room safe is recommended. However, we may hold a skeptical attitude toward the safety of hotel rooms safe. If you check in a trustworthy hotel or use some reliable safe brands, you could have a try to trust the hotel room safes. For an instance, if the hotel offers you the Be-Tech hotel safe, you could get relief about the security level of the room safes.

Be-Tech Offers Industry-leading Audit Trail System

An audit trail system is an electronic system that traces the detailed transactions relating to any item in an accounting record. Depending on rich experience and advanced technologies, Be-Tech offers an industry-leading audit trail system. That means Be-Tech cold offers the latest technology to safeguard your valuables. Here is an example of a safe with audit trail system:

electronic hotel safe

Electronic Hotel Safe – Guard

The Guard series hotel room safe is a historic product. Expect the audit trail system, the Guard hotel room safe provides a revolutionary locking system. Also, the double deadbolt mechanism can double safeguard your property. Furthermore, this Guard hotel safe can be used in not only the hotel room but also your own house. Two optional code usages are recommended in this safe: one-time code usage and residential personal code.

Double Deadbolt Mechanism

Nowadays, the deadbolt mechanism plays an important role in safeguarding property. Be-tech adopts a revolutionary locking system with a double deadbolt system to enhance security. Most families usually unconsciously used the single deadbolt mechanism.

You may think what a big deal on double deadbolt system, then underestimated the importance of extra deadbolt. Simply speaking, the double deadbolt mechanism won’t be able to open the safe without a proper key. As for the single deadbolt mechanism, the intruders would be able to simply turn the lock on the other side and enter your home.

electronic hotel safe

Electronic Hotel Safe – Harmony

The Safe + Smart Button Key = Excellent Security

Most normal hotel safes or residential safes usually offer a simple telephone-style keypad. Harmony electronic hotel safe provides the creative and revolutionary key solution—-Smart Button Key.

With the smart button key, the user is allowed to read event logs from safes and quickly get an extra master key on one side in an emergency. Additionally, the button key provides triple-touch-clear, under the condition of losing the master key. Furthermore, without replacing any safe parts, the new master key can be replaced.


Electronic Hotel Safe – Smart Package

The Be-Tech smart button keys are divided into four types: owner smart button key, master smart button key, time smart button key, and data smart button key. Different types of services have different functions. The owner smart/master button key is a method that users enter the programming mode of the safe. The owner smart button key could control up to 5 individual master smart button keys. The data smart button key is used for readout events from the safe.


All in all, although the incidents that happen in the hotel room safe have a certain possibility, the reliable hotel safe brand is guarantees security. Also, when you use the hotel room safe, you need to notice that do not put too-expensive items into the hotel room safe, in case of internal theft.

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