Why modern hotel electronic locks are important?

Having a secure place for living and even for conducting business is very important these days. The same thing applies when it comes to hotels. Hotel electronic locks come in contemporary form these days because everyone prefers to have a safe space. The hotel business has very much relied on comfortable necessities and if the hotel doesn’t offer comfortable beds, a warm or cold environment, cleaning services, and privacy, nobody would want to stay in the hotel. In recent years, there is also a need for internet service in hotels. But most importantly hotels need hotel electronic locks for every door to maintain the privacy and security of each guest.


Back in the day, there wasn’t much security concern, so a simple door lock was enough to keep the intruders out but now it is not enough. These days, it is essential for every hotel to replace old locks with contemporary locks but getting the hotel door lock that offers maximum security is definitely a plus.

Be-Tech Asia Limited is a leading company in China that manufactures security locks of different sorts. They manufacture electrical, digital, and layered security locks. Their locks are manufactured so that they can be connected with a centralized security system and through apps.

Here we are going to have a close look at one of their hotel electronic locks. Let’s get into details.


This electric hotel electronic lock has a simple design, and it was manufactured simply to match with any hotel interior. The contemporary setups have mini-malistic design approach so colors like black, silver, and gray matte finish blends well with any design and color. It will also give an expensive yet fashionable look to your doors.

As for its specifications, it is made with RFID technology. The door handle is made with stainless steel body in a mortise lock case DIN version followed by 3-point stainless steel latch construction with an anti-friction mechanism. And the stainless steel quality is SUS304. There is a 20mm throw of high strength deadbolt, so your hotel door needs to be 35-60mm thick for this lock to be installed.

As for the technical side of this hotel electronic lock, it features 13.56MHz technology. It takes 4 x 1.5V AA alkaline batteries to power this lock. The batteries are located inside the lock and need to be changed after a year. It features a future proof re-programmable FLASH RAM lock memory. It covers 1000 event audit trail.

This lock has a System Software Compatibility known as BIS Hotel. If you install this in your hotel, the locks can run smoothly. And for guests with physical disabilities, there is an ADA compliant. As for panic situations, it has a perfect panic release function where the deadbolt and latch are automatically retracted from the inside handle for easy revert only in an emergency situation This lock has been supported with RFID Standard ISO 14443 A (MIFARE Classic).

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