How Digital Door Lock Manufacturers Are Making Contributions Towards Society?

Security is essential for a residential property no matter whether it’s a home or apartment. Nowadays, most of the homeowners are relying on digital door lock manufacturers to secure their property. A digital door lock can transform your house into a smart home. You don’t need to carry your home keys when going outside your home or apartment as a digital door lock provides you keyless entry.

A traditional door lock can easily be picked or broken by burglars. But a smart door lock cannot be picked by thieves as it requires a code, RF card, or fingerprint to unlock. So, there will be the least chances of break-ins if you have installed a digital door lock. Digital door lock manufacturers have introduced different types of digital door locks such as biometric door lock, RF card door lock, and keypad door lock. Here at Be-Techyou can find automatic door locks with great features. Be-Tech’s  digital door locks are supplied throughout the world through agents and distributors.


Fingerprint Digital Door Lock – R665F-19B is the best-selling door lock of Be Tech. Its key feature is one-touch fingerprint verification. The fingerprint verification technology is used in this digital door lock to allow access to authorized users. You just need to insert your fingerprint on the digital pad to unlock this door lock. This digital door lock comes with operation status notification. Like when you make any operation, its LED indicator will inform you about the happening through specific signs and colors. It has a tabular latch locking system and international standard tabular latch.

A fingerprint door lock is also beneficial for disabled and elderly people. They don’t need to stand up or bend towards the lock to put in the key to access their bedroom. They just need to insert their fingerprints on the digital pad to get entry into their bedroom.

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