Benefits of a Smart Deadbolt

Home security is more important than ever in today’s world. With smart home technology advancing rapidly, homeowners now have more options than ever when it comes to securing their property. One of the best places to start is with your front door lock. The Be-Tech smart deadbolt offers convenience, flexibility, and reliability that take home security to the next level.

What is a smart deadbolt?

A smart deadbolt is a high-tech version of the traditional deadbolt lock on your front door. Like a regular deadbolt, it has a bolt that extends into the door frame when locked for sturdy security. But smart deadbolts add internet and mobile connectivity to give you more control and access options.

The Be-Tech smart deadbolt can be locked or unlocked through your smartphone, with a keypad PIN code, or with a traditional mechanical key. This flexibility makes coming and going more convenient while maintaining top-notch security.

Benefits of the Be-Tech Smart Deadbolt

Upgrading to the Be-Tech smart deadbolt provides a wide range of advantages over traditional locks:

Keyless Entry Options

Carrying around a bulky keychain can be frustrating. With the Be-Tech smart deadbolt, you’ll enjoy keyless entry via:

  • Smartphone app: Unlock the deadbolt using your iOS or Android devices from anywhere.
  • Keypad PIN code: Enter your unique PIN code to unlock when arriving home.
  • Mechanical key: Traditional metal keys can still be used as a backup if needed.

No more fumbling for keys! The app also lets you create unique PIN codes for family members or guests.

Advanced Security Features

While being convenient, smart deadbolts like Be-Tech’s do not compromise on security. Advanced features include:

  • Scramble code system: The keypad code changes randomly with each use to prevent code theft.
  • Tamper alerts: Receive smartphone alerts if someone tries to forcibly remove or damage your lock.
  • Activity log: Review detailed records of all access attempts and entries.

With these capabilities, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your home’s entry point is secured.

Flexible Access for Family & Guests

Managing keys for an entire family can be difficult. The Be-Tech smart deadbolt makes granting access simple, with options to:

  • Share virtual keys: Send virtual keys to family members so their smartphones can open the door. Revoke access as needed.
  • Assign PIN codes: Set up unique PIN codes through the app for guests or household members. Delete codes when they are no longer needed.

No more hiding spare keys outside or worrying about lost or stolen keys!

Remote Control & Automation

The Be-Tech app allows you to control your smart deadbolt from anywhere. Useful features include:

  • Remote locking/unlocking: Heading out and want to double check if you locked up? Easily lock and unlock your deadbolt remotely using your smartphone.
  • Auto-lock: Set the deadbolt to automatically lock itself after a set period of inactivity. Great for forgetful family members!
  • Smart home integration: Connect your smart lock to other smart devices like cameras, lights, and thermostats for whole-home automation.

These conveniences make home access management a breeze!

Be-Tech: A Leader in Hotel & Commercial Security

With over 10 years of specializing in electronic door locks and smart security systems, Be-Tech brings industry-leading experience to homeowners.

Be-Tech is the top supplier of RFID smart locks to hotels, apartments, and businesses across China. They are recognized experts in flexible access control solutions that balance convenience and security.

Over 80% of 3-5 star hotels in China trust Be-Tech for their proven reliability and innovative features. Now those same capabilities are available for private homes.

Affordable First Steps to a Smart Home

Upgrading your external locks is also the most cost-effective first step toward a fully integrated smart home.

The Be-Tech smart deadbolt seamlessly connects to other smart devices like security cameras, video doorbells, lighting, and thermostats. This interoperability makes adding future smart products even easier.

So enhanced security doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated. The Be-Tech smart deadbolt brings convenience and peace of mind to your doorstep for an affordable price.

Stylish Design for Any Home

Finally, the Be-Tech smart deadbolt simply looks fantastic. Its sleek and modern aesthetics complement contemporary home architecture and design features.

It’s available in a brushed steel or matte black finish to match light or dark decors. The subtle LED indicator ring lets you check lock status with a quick glance while preserving its clean appearance.

The Be-Tech smart lock proves home security upgrades don’t need to look ugly or ruin your home’s curb appeal!

Be-Tech: The Smart Choice for Home Security

In conclusion, the Be-Tech smart deadbolt is the ideal way to enhance home security, convenience, and aesthetics in one sleek package.

With flexible access control, advanced security capabilities, and powerful smart home integrations, the Be-Tech lock is the clear “smart” choice for external door locks.

As an industry leader securing hotels and commercial properties across China, Be-Tech is now bringing those innovations to discerning homeowners worldwide.

Ready to step up your home’s security? Contact Be-Tech today for more information or to request a quote. Their team of security experts is ready to help assess your property’s needs to find the perfect smart lock solution.

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