Benefits of a Smart Deadbolt

When you are frustrated with which type of door lock is suitable for your apartment or house, you may easily fool by the bad door lock manufacturers. Therefore, if you are planning to purchase the best door lock for your house, please hold on, and read this article. It is because I will recommend you purchase the smart deadbolt and tell you why you should choose the smart deadbolt door lock.


Keyless is the most outstanding feature of the smart deadbolt. Except for the mechanical key, it allows other two access methods: smartphone, PIN code. Nowadays, every modern people can not work without a smartphone. Considering that trend, this latest deadbolt is specially designed. You could use your smartphone to open your door at your will. If your smartphone is out of charge and you forget to get the key, you could input the digital code to open the door.


The convenience can be presented in the sharing code function and remote control. The share function in the smart deadbolt lets you could decide the valid period of the sharing code. The valid period could be months, days, or even minutes. Also, if you have no time to open the door for your guests, you could remote control the door anywhere, and don’t need to let your visitors wait outside the door for a long time. As above mentioned, it can be opened through smartphone control. This function can work without additional hubs.

Benefits of a Smart Deadbolt

Smart Deadbolt

Reliable Code System

You may simply think about how the code system is reliable? Actually, you can find the answer from the code itself, because the smart deadbolt means it can carry an advanced code system. First, this smart deadbolt supports scramble code, also called fake Pin-code. What is scramble code? The scramble code supports you entering random digits before or after the correct access code. If someone is beside you, the scramble code could protect the true code away from strangers or other people. Second, you can program up to 49 codes for family and friends in this one door. Therefore, each member of your family can program their own unique 4-9 digits code.


Although this smart deadbolt offers different advanced technologies, it still stays its true goal in design—-security. The smart deadbolt offers the lock monitoring function that you could review the door lock history, the list of users, the assigned codes, and the entry time. These detailed records offer the greatest help when you feel suspicious about something. Furthermore, it provides real-time alerts when someone accesses your home.

Auto-locking also is a shining point in the smart deadbolt. It will lock automatically after 30 seconds by default. You can set the auto-locking time independently between 3-30 seconds if necessary.

Modern Design

The door lock is the outdoor functional furniture guests initially see the house furniture, which also can affect the overall impression of the house decoration. Therefore, we also need to focus on the design of the door lock. Look at this Be-Tech smart deadbolt, modest luxury, fluent design, great modern. It is the symbol of smart life.


Smart life is the major and latest trend in household decoration. A smart life means our life has a strong connection with smart technology. If you want to take the first step to the smart life, you could select the smart deadbolt door lock to start your smart life.

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