5 misconstrue about electronic smart locks

There are many reasons out there for our homes to have electronic locks. There is overwhelming support for this as there are several advantages to them, but also with the help of experts as well.

With the help of these experts, they’ve been able to debunk several common myths around these locks. Here are just a few of them that have been debunked.

5 misconstrue about electronic smart locks

Myth 1: Electronic locks stop working during power cuts

This has been debunked thanks to a special feature with all electronic locks. They are run entirely on a battery that it’s hooked up to, separate from your power grid in your home. The batteries themselves are also quite strong, able to hold their charge for at least one year. There even is power sensors in the lock to detect whether the battery is dying. It’ll notify you weeks before it’s completely drained when it reaches that point.

Electronic locks use AA batteries so it’s easy to find one at the local hardware store. Furthermore it’s easy to put in the replacement. Moreover, the electronic locks can unlock by a mechanical key.

Myth 2: Getting locked-in, in cases of fire emergencies

You’re now not at risk of getting locked in in cases of emergency. You can just open the door and get out by simply turning its handle from inside thanks to its anti-panic exit system.

Myth 3: Difficult to use

Electronic locks are actually quite easy to use. Getting an advanced electronic lock will give you backlit keypads along with touchscreen features. This allows you the ability to see what you are doing late at night. This saves you from fumbling around in the dark. Furthermore the only “difficult” step is installing and programming the lock properly. If you’re used to installing things yourself, all the good brand electronic digital door lock suppliers provide instruction manuals. There’s even online video tutorials as well.

There is of course hiring a trained professional for the job which saves you the time and the potential headache if you run into a snag. Furthermore you can ask the professional digital door lock suppliers any questions or concerns as well.

Myth 4: They’re bulky

There are a vast array of electronic locks available for people. This ensures that you have a lot of selection for what sort of lock you want to get. Furthermore it proves that you don’t have to sacrifice your interior design with a quality security system.

Myth 5: The locks can be easily hacked

It’s actually very challenging to hack into a lock system. First is the fact the locks offer many modes of authentication (i.e., PIN, RF card, biometic scan, mechanical key, etc.). The other thing to consider as well is locks come with a scrambled PIN option. This means that you can press any number of keys before the password to unlock. This ensure you are keeping your password safe when someone is with you.

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