5 misconstrue about electronic smart locks

Electronic smart locks, also known as digital door locks or keyless door locks, are becoming increasingly popular for homes and businesses. However, some people still have misconceptions about how these high-tech locks actually work and their security capabilities. Be-Tech, a leading hotel door lock system supplier in China, clears up 5 of the most common smart lock myths.

Myth #1: Smart Locks are Easily Hacked

A common belief is that electronic locks are easier to hack than traditional keyed locks. However, most smart locks on the market today have robust encryption and security protocols in place. Brands like Be-Tech use advanced technologies like AES 128-bit or 256-bit encryption to protect against hacking of the lock’s software and mobile app connectivity.

Additionally, smart locks utilize tamper-proof designs, meaning the physical components are extremely difficult to disassemble or manipulate. So while no security product is completely hack-proof, quality digital locks provide reliable protections that meet high cybersecurity standards.

Myth #2: Smart Locks Have Weak Mechanical Components

Another misconception is that the mechanical elements of electronic door locks are flimsy or prone to malfunction. In reality, leading manufacturers use heavy-duty metals and reinforced chassis to ensure longevity and durability.

Be-Tech’s locks designed for hotels undergo rigorous cycle testing, withstanding over 1 million lock and unlock cycles. The robust mechanical design thwarts lock tampering and prevents breakdowns from frequent daily usage over many years. So when properly installed, a smart lock’s mechanics are extremely reliable.

Myth #3: Batteries Drain Quickly

Since smart locks rely on batteries for power, some assume they will drain in just weeks or months of regular use. However, Be-Tech’s locks leverage energy-efficient components and smart power management that enable up to 12 months of battery life.

Features like low-energy Bluetooth, sleep modes, and voltage optimization greatly reduce power consumption. Users also receive notifications when batteries run low, allowing ample time to replace them before the lock becomes unusable. So with today’s battery capacities and energy optimizations, longevity is no longer an issue.

Myth #4: Smart Locks Have Limited User Credential Options

There is a myth that keyless door locks can only be opened via smartphone, limiting user access options. However, modern smart locks provide diverse credential technologies like key cards, key fobs, and touch-to-open keypads.

Be-Tech offers solutions with multiple credential formats to fit different security needs. Administrators can issue and revoke access remotely through the cloud portal as staff turnover occurs. With flexible options, smart locks enable convenience while still maintaining control.

Myth #5: Electronic Lock Installation is Complex

Some property owners believe that installing a connected smart lock system requires complicated wiring and hardware modifications. However, modern locks use simple installation processes designed for non-technical users.

Brands like Be-Tech utilize existing door preparations and latch hardware. Keyless locks retrofit onto standard mortise or cylindrical door preparations in minutes using just a screwdriver. No complex re-wiring or drilling is necessary, making upgrading quick and non-destructive.

Smart Lock Benefits for Hotels

Now that those common myths are busted, it is clear smart locks provide substantial security and convenience benefits. Hotel properties, in particular, stand to gain tremendous value by investing in electronic door locks.

Enhanced Guest Experience

Keyless door unlocking

Guests can enter rooms smoothly via smartphone rather than fumbling with traditional keys. This allows for contactless, self-service access without queues at the front desk.

Customized room access

Hotels can set specific date and time restrictions for room entry privileges. This prevents guests from entering early or overstaying their booking.

Detailed entry logs

Smart locks provide detailed audit trails showing exactly who entered the room and when. This deters unauthorized access while resolving disputes if they occur.

Heightened Security

Instant key deactivation

If a smartphone or key card is lost or stolen, hotels can instantly disable it with the click of a button. This prevents compromised credentials from granting room access incorrectly.

Restricted key duplication

Since digital credentials are securely encrypted, unauthorized copying is impossible. This prevents past guests or staff from accessing rooms later on.

Real-time remote monitoring

Management can check room occupancy status and view live entry logs through the central dashboard. Instant visibility improves security oversight.

Operational Efficiency

Automated rekeying

Rekeying rooms between guests is eliminated, allowing rapid turnover to maximize bookings. Rooms are instantly ready for the next patrons.

Housekeeping optimization

Staff can track room occupancy to coordinate cleaning only when guests have departed. This avoids unnecessary intrusions during stays.

Reduced front desk labor

With self-service access, personnel requirements at check-in/check-out are minimized. Staff hours are lowered while still providing better service.


Smart locks undoubtedly provide substantial benefits for hotels seeking to maximize security, efficiency, and guest experience. By dispelling misconceptions about electronic door locks, properties can confidently invest to elevate operations. Be-Tech offers customizable smart lock systems specifically engineered for hospitality needs. Contact Be-Tech today to discuss upgrading your hotel and realize savings immediately.

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