Mastering Securam Locks: The Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide

As the Best Hotel Door Lock System Supplier in China, Be-Tech Locks specializes in providing top-quality RFID and keycard lock solutions to hotels, hostels, apartments, and other facilities. We are experts when it comes to the Securam brand of electronic door locks.

Securam locks are feature-packed yet easy to configure, making them a popular choice for high-traffic locations that need robust security combined with convenience. However, as with any complex electronic system, occasional issues can arise that require troubleshooting.

This comprehensive guide from Be-Tech Locks covers everything you need to know to master Securam locks, resolve common problems yourself, and keep your doors working flawlessly 24/7.

Overview of Securam Lock Functionality

Before diving into troubleshooting specifics, let’s quickly recap how Securam locks operate:

  • Power Source: Securam locks work on 4–8 AA batteries that should provide 6+ months of standby power before needing replacement. Some models can also run on externally connected AC power.
  • Credential Reading: Locks read RFID keycards or key fobs presented to the built-in reader. The lock extracts the credential ID, validates it against an access control list, and unlocks with an audible click if authorized.
  • Connectivity: Many Securam locks provide online connectivity via WiFi or a separate module. This allows remote monitoring, auditing trail retrieval, and config changes from web-based software.
  • User Interfaces: Locks feature an LED keypad and/or a small OLED display. These provide user feedback and may allow PIN code access. Some models also have an external key override option.

Now let’s explore the most common issues with Securam locks and proven methods to get doors working properly again.

Since battery life is critical, power problems are the leading cause of lock failures. Here is how to diagnose and resolve them:

Symptom: Lock Beeps Continuously

A nonstop beeping alarm means the batteries have drained critically low. The lock will soon stop functioning if power isn’t restored.

Solution: Replace all batteries immediately per the instructions in your Securam installation guide. Use only new, high-quality AA batteries from leading brands. Rechargeable batteries are not recommended.

Symptom: Frequent Battery Changes are needed.

If batteries are depleted within 1-2 months instead of the expected 6 months, an abnormal drain is occurring.

Solution: Check whether you’ve enabled a power-hungry setting like “Keep Unlocked” or continuous WiFi connectivity. Disable unneeded options. Also, try cleaning the battery contacts gently with alcohol in case corrosion is increasing resistance.

Symptom: Lock Doesn’t Work Unless Plugged In

An unresponsive lock that works only when external power is connected has a charging circuit failure or battery issue.

Solution: Attempt to replace the batteries first. If the problem persists, a fault likely exists with the lock’s charging board or battery wires. Contact Be-Tech to arrange professional service. Forcing an operation without diagnosing the underlying problem could cause permanent circuit damage.

Credential Reading Difficulties

Since reading RFID cards or fobs is the primary function of any access control lock, reading failures are another common occurrence.

Symptom: Intermittent Card Reading Failures

If keycards/fobs only work sometimes, the issue is likely environmental interference or a slightly misaligned reader.

Solution: Check for sources of EMI like motors, pumps, or wireless transmitters nearby and relocate them further away if possible. Also, try adjusting the lock’s mounting position slightly to achieve more reliable reads.

Symptom: Card Reading Always Fails on One Area of Lock

When credentials only fail in one spot, debris inside the reader slot is likely blocking the internal antenna from properly detecting cards placed in that area.

Solution: Carefully insert a thin plastic card (old hotel keycard, credit card, etc.) into the non-functional spot and slide it in/out a few times to dislodge any debris inside. This should restore uniform reading sensitivity across the entire slot surface.

Symptom: All Credentials Suddenly Stop Working

A complete failure to read any credentials usually means the lock’s reader circuitry has malfunctioned or, less likely, the access control list was accidentally erased.

Solution: First try power-cycling the lock by removing and then reinserting batteries. If the issue persists, servicing by a technician will be required to determine if circuit components have failed or the lock needs reprogramming. Contact Be-Tech right away so we can diagnose the exact issue via remote logging or arrange an onsite visit.

Connectivity and Configuration Problems

For networked Securam locks, connectivity and configuration issues can also arise:

Symptom: Lock is Offline and Not Responding

Solution: If a previously-online lock is now offline, remote connectivity has been disrupted. First, check that WiFi coverage still reaches the lock location strongly. Also, verify that internet connectivity still exists on the overall network by testing another wireless client device in the same vicinity.

If WiFi signals are strong, reboot the lock and confirm the WiFi credentials programmed into it (SSID & password) still match your network. Temporarily move the lock closer to the access point during this credential verification process if needed.

For unresponsive Zigbee or RS485-connected locks, inspect all module wiring for loose plugs or damage. LED activity on the modules will confirm whether connectivity exists between them and the lock.

Symptom: Lock Functions, But Some Config Settings Don’t Stick

A lock that maintains normal operation but won’t retain specific programming changes may have a corrupted memory sector or firmware flaw.

Solution: After eliminating user errors (such as forgetting to save changes before exiting programming mode), power cycle the lock, clear all settings to factory default, and then reconfigure it from scratch again. Check that all settings save properly after being set to the desired values.

If problems persist, report the issue to Be-Tech along with the lock model details so we can determine if a firmware update or hardware replacement is advised.

Mechanical and Physical Issues

While less frequent than the electrical or electronic problems covered above, mechanical defects can still occasionally happen.

Symptom: Keys No Longer Unlock the Door

If a previously functional key override cylinder stops unlocking the door, breakage or significant wear has occurred internally over time.

Solution: Contact Be-Tech to arrange the replacement of the cylinder core. Forcing damaged keys will likely exacerbate mechanical damage.

Symptom: Lock is Physically Jammed or Damaged

External physical issues like a dropped lock, damaged reader, or externally jammed bolt will require service or replacement.

Solution: Document the physical damage with photos, then initiate an RMA claim so we can ship you replacement hardware, avoiding costly onsite service calls when possible.

Best Practices to Avoid Future Issues

While even properly maintained equipment can occasionally fail, following these proactive best practices will minimize problems over your Securam lock deployment’s lifetime:

  • Check batteries quarterly and replace annually as routine maintenance
  • Keep credentials clean, dry, and stored safely away from phones and magnets
  • Periodically clean reader slots with compressed air to remove pocket lint
  • Enable only connectivity and features that are absolutely required
  • Mount indoor locks away from extreme cold/hot spots
  • Maintain updated firmware on locks and any connectivity modules

We Can Help Keep Your Doors Secured 24/7

As the experts in electronic access control for hotels and multi-tenant buildings, Be-Tech Locks offers both RFID lock hardware and professional support services.

If you encounter any issue in a Securam lock or our other smart lock products that you cannot resolve yourself using the troubleshooting tips above, contact our team right away. We likely have an immediate solution and can regularly monitor your equipment remotely to catch problems before they impact visitors or residents.

For new installations, our experienced technicians will tailor a customized Securam door lock blueprint specifically for your building requirements and use cases. We also offer discounted ongoing maintenance plans to keep your doors secured around the clock.

Request a Quote from Be-Tech Locks today to upgrade your access control system with state-of-the-art Securam locks! Our RFID hotel lock solutions make security easy, reliable, and convenient for facilities of any scale.

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