Fingerprint And RFID Card And Touchpad Digital Door Lock – The Best Option For Residential Places

It’s common in the actuality that every residential, commercial building, gym, five stars hotels have some sort of digital door lock. This is the new rule because these type of commercial door locks are much safer and are able to keep a registry of people entrance and exit of a location.

Nowadays it’s common that apartment complexes are appearing to be more like high class hotels. It is very usual that in residential places some of the areas are only able to be accessed through a electrical door lock. This is a great idea to modernize a living space and elevate the status of the people living in that space.

Some places this might be seen are in the gym of the complex, or the indoor swimming pool. But still the most common location is in the door for the apartments.

The fact that Be-Tech has a lot of products available makes it great for residential builders as they can see what type of environment they want to create.

The company Be-Tech has accomplished that with the Fingerprint And RFID Card And Touchpad Digital Door Lock – I8A1FMT. As the name suggests this is a commercial door lock that has 3 in one functionality.
But now only is that a benefit but it possesses a lot more features that are great for anyone thinking of switching door locks.

Fingerprint And RFID Card And Touchpad Digital Door Lock – The Best Option For Residential Places


– Various access

This product by Be-Tech i8A1FMT has three access options, Fingerprint, RF Card key or PIN code. This is great for the commodity of the user.

– One-touch Fingerprint Verification

The One-touch Fingerprint verification technology, as the name suggests, refers that the fingerprint of the user will be instantly read in one shot.

– Operation status notification

Whenever any operation is made, like the user is trying to open the door, there is a LED light indicator that informs what is happening through different colors.

– Scramble code

The user will be able to enter random numbers prior the right code if it were not safe and there was a chance of exposing it to others.

– Missing key invalidation

Once a key is lost, it has no validation as long as the other keys are re-registered keeping all the residents safe.

– Anti-panic exit system

For convenience and in case of emergency, it allows the users to open the door by simply turning its handle from inside.

– Alarm (Incorrect Fingerprint or RF card or PIN code)

The alarm will turn on and last for 60 seconds if anyone attempts to open the door lock with and incorrect Fingerprint or RF card for more than 5 times.

– Invisible keypad

The Keypad number on the lock will only be seen only when the user touches the screen with their palm. In this way it creates a more modern look to the lock.

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