Electronic Hotel Locks: Why You Should Get Them Now

Electronic hotel locks are the way of the future, most hotels are opting for this much more technological and safe way which ends up being a lot more comfortable for the guests. Because this trend is very popular there are a lot of online companies that distribute this type of products, because of the huge number of suppliers it might be overwhelming for buyers so in this article we have a good trustworthy candidate.

electronic hotel locks-v7-600

We recommend Be-Tech because they have more than 28 years of experience on the market in which Be-Tech has been able to established themselves in China as a world-class, high quality producer of security products – with an emphasis on electronic locks. This Electronic Hotel Lock – Visual II RFID in particular is one of the latest electronic locks designed and manufactured by the company that use simple, fashionable and comfortable design.

Be-Tech comments that this series has been designed with modern hotels in mind, those businesses that want to have an overall flawless design throughout the entire hotel, which also includes the lock blending into the hotel environment, instead of standing out in a wrong way.

This Be-Tech RFID electronic hotel lock comes in a matte black finish, which allows designers to explore the endless possibilities of design in a hotel while make the guests experience a more pleasant one.

In regards to the technical parts of this product, it’s known from the name that this is an stand-alone electronic lock with RFID technology, this Be-Tech product is specifically designed to be installed and used in hotels, but as well they have an extensive catalog of other electronic lock doors for all the different needs of the clients. This lock has 13.56MHz technology and is compatible with the ISO 14 443 A (MIFARE) standard, it has 11 free sectors for future All-in-one card application use, which is a great benefit for the hotel owners.

Other features of this Electronic Hotel Lock – Visual II RFID is that in comes in different versions: ANSI, AUS and EURO versions. All the products of this company are made out of the highest quality products, for example this door lock has a stainless-steel handle with a long-lasting painting finish. It’s perfect for it to be used in hotels as these locks are ADA compliant, which means that guests with physical disabilities are able to use them with no problem.

For this lock to function it needs four AA batteries that are able to work with no problem for a running year, after this it just needed to change the batteries for the lock to be able to again work normally.

A great feature of this lock is that even though it’s function is to work electronically (through an RFID card) it has a mortise equipped 20mm throw high strength deadbolt which means that the deadbolt and latch are able to automatically be retracted from the inside with the handle on the lock, this is made for easy exit of the guest in case of any emergency situation.

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