Common Hotel Door Lock Problems analysis and Troubleshooting

With the development of the lock industry, more and more hotels have abandoned the traditional lock and begun to apply key card RFID hotel locks to upgrade hotel room safety. However, while smart RFID hotel lock brings us convenience and safer security system, Some smart RFID hotel lock may not be smart(no working). So why does the smart RFID hotel lock arise problems, and how to solve these problems? If you wonder about the above-mentioned problems. This article will bring you a list of common hotel lock problems, troubleshooting, or solutions. Before we discuss the common problems of hotel lock, we should understand the structure of RFID hotel lock to know how it works.

RFID Hotel Lock Structure

1. RFID Hotel Lock Panel

The RFID key card hotel lock panel consists of two panels: front and back panels.

Front panels: a hotel lock mainboard, an exterior door handle, and a mechanical lock cylinder.

Back panels: an interior door handle, hotel door lock battery packs box, and a thumb knob.


Through the insertion of two handle shafts in the lock tenon and the fixation of four corners of screws, these two panels have a good connection. After reading the card, the guest can use the outer handle to open, and the inner door handle can open the door at any time.

2. RFID Hotel Lock Mortise


The lock mortise is the core component of the RFID hotel lock, responsible for the hotel lock’s main locking work. The thumb knob of the interior handle controls the deadbolt and the handle on the front and back panels govern the lock latch bolt.

Problem 1: The closed-door opens without pressing the handle

Problem analysis:

Incorrect installation: The incorrect installation of the lock strike of the hotel dock causes the latch bolt to fail to pop out or the latch bolt to be inflexible and unable to pop out.


Solution 1: Adjust the lock strike to the right position.

Problem 2: The guest room card cannot open the hotel door lock(the hotel master card can)

Problem Analysis:

  wrong room number

Expired card or wrong hotel door lock

Caused by the inconformity between the hotel lock time and the computer time, the buzzer emits a beep, and the motor does not sound.

the buzzer beeps three times “di,” “di,” and “di,” and the motor does not sound, is the result of the wrong setting of the room number card


Solution1 Reset: the room number card, the management card, and the new room number card;

Solution 2 Reissue: the time card and reread the time card in the door lock

Problem 3: All hotel master cards and guest cards cannot open the door.

Problem Analysis:

Battery: Dead or incorrect installation

Lock Body: power cable is off

Door Lock: Not authorized


・  Solution 1: Check the battery or install new hotel lock batteries correctly

Solution 2: Properly reconnect the cable between mainboard and hotel lock batteries pack;
Solution 3: Reread the authorization card;

Problem 4: Master & guest card cannot open the door. But the indicator lights, the motor sounds in a lock and the hotel door lock handle idles.

Problem analysis:

  The position point of the exterior door handles is not aligned with the positioning arrow on the lock mortise.

・  The spindle of the handle is not put into the square hole of the door handle;

  No spring is set in the door handle square hole, and the spindle of the door handle retracts into the handle square hole;


・  Solution 1 Align and fix above these two points

  Solution 2 Reinstall: The spindle of the hotel door lock handle

  Solution 3 Reinstall: The handle spring

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