Commercial door locks – All you need to know about

Are you planning to purchase a commercial door lock? Well don’t you worry because we have compiled all the necessary features that you must look for in the commercial door lock. We can also help you out in finding out the best option. Let’s find out what are the main features that you must consider in the commercial door lock.


Various access options

The various door lock access options is one thing that will help you with easy access. You can easily enter the door whether you have the RF card or your fingerprint is set up on the door lock. You can use the mechanical key as well as the pin code can also be used. Therefore, having the various access for the door lock can be the best choice to consider. Most people are now choosing the door locks that have several access options because of the better convenience. It will help you to enter the door easily and will also make it easier in case you forget your mechanical key.

One touch fingerprint verification

The single touch verification of the fingerprint is another most important feature. The better accuracy and sensor of the door lock is the better option for you. When the door lock is capable of providing you convenient reading, you will definitely be happy with the overall functioning of the door lock. Moreover, when you are considering the commercial door lock, it is even more important to go for something that offers easy one touch fingerprint verification.

Automatic locking

Another most essential aspect is to check the door lock if it comes with automatic locking feature. When the door lock is capable of locking automatically in a few seconds, it is definitely a perfect option. Whenever you are using the automatic door lock it is important that you find if it has the automatic locking option or not.

Scramble code

The scramble code option is added for better security. When there is a chance of exposing the accurate code to the other person, you can use the scramble code that contains random set of numbers. It will protect your house and provide you better functionality.
If you are wondering where will you get such an excellent quality commercial door lock, we can help you out. The Be Tech is the company that is capable of providing you high quality commercial door locks. There is a massive range of options that can be used and all of these commercial door locks have various access options. But if you are considering all of the features above and you want something that fits well based on the features, we will recommend you to go for the commercial door lock model H3A5FMTL. No doubt, it is one of the best commercial door locks that you will get.

You can check out some other options as well. So what are you waiting for? Check the extensive range of commercial door locks now and decide which one fits well for your requirements.

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