The Touch Pad Digital Door Lock Suitable for The Best Locking Solutions

IN need of having a perfect solution in your house when it comes to security of your building. It will feature several access points through which you can use several points in accessing your house depending on that which best suits you.

The amazing this about this fingerprint door lock is that it contains an automatic locking system which ensures that the door is closed all times. With this, therefore, you are sure that you are always secure and will never forget on locking the door at any time.


With the one touch verification from the use of the fingerprint access mode, you will be sure of additional security as fingerprints are unique on every different user. As a result of this, it is difficult to error and provide access to any unregistered user. Keep reading more in this article to know more about the H3A5FMTL fingerprint door lock today.

Key Features of H3A5FMTL Digital Door Lock

There are several features that characterize this digital door lock making it to be one of the best. These features are centered in giving you the best experience both in terms of security together with the convenience of use in the door. Some of the key features of this digital door lock include the following;

  • Several Access Methods – With several access methods, one gets enough convenience as you can choose from the several methods that which best suits you. The several access methods provided by this digital door lock include the use of the RF Card key, Fingerprint or the use of a PIN code.
  • Automatic Locking – This feature ensures that the door remains closed at all times a few seconds after the door has been opened. More so, you can consider using the manual operation that is available if you don’t need the automatic locking feature at the moment.
  • Scramble Code – When using the PIN Code access method, the door lock provides a scramble code in which you can enter several random numbers before you put the right code. This will ensure that you do not expose the real code to any other person.
  • Anti-Panic Exit System – To ensure that everyone inside the building is fully safe, this door lock features an anti-panic exit system through which one can open the door from inside through turning the handle from the inside.
  • Invisible Keypad – One can easily pass away the door lock without noticing following the invisible keypad. To ensure that the numbers are seen, one needs to touch the screen of the door lock using a palm. With this, therefore, there is an additional security feature on people who have never used such a door lock.
  • Alarm – Where the PIN code, incorrect finer or the RF Card has been attempted with several fails, the alarm will turn on if attempts go unsuccessful for more than 5 times.

Product Specs

  • The model of this product is H3A5FMTL
  • Features a stainless steel lock case
  • Applicable to door thicknesses ranging from 40mm to 80mm
  • Can hold fingerprints on up to 101 groups, 51 keys and 6 to 11 PIN Code digits.
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