The smart key to share with your family

It’s become a habit for many homeowners to start sharing their keys to others outside of the family. Whether that’s a family friend, or a trusted neighbor or even hiding a key around the house, this can create problems. For example, if someone finds the key or is given a key, it’s very easy for them to make a copy and give it to someone else you don’t know. To avoid that, we recommend making the switch to an electronic lock as it can address the many issues of having to do that.

That example was pulled out from the concerns stemming from a study conducted on Americans’ management habits with keys. From that survey, it also found among the 1,000 US adults (18+), 63% of them stated that someone from outside the house has a key to their home. 18% of them have reported the same case except there were three or more people. Lastly nearly 1 in 10 (8%) have reported they can’t remember how many people have a key to their house.

This can be dangerous, even in cases where you trust those you gave keys to. That’s where an electronic lock comes in handy. It can give you great comfort.

We live in a world today where it’s common to see people hire help to walk their dog, clean houses, and several other services around the house while we are away. As such it can become a nightmare if you have to give a spare key to every company or service provider. Electronic locks provide great comfort because it removes all of that. You save money on the extra copies, but also time too. Furthermore an electronic lock system will put out of your mind who has copies of your keys.

If you are in the market for an electronic lock, consider Be-Tech digital door lock company. They offer a variety of electronic locks that can address a variety of different needs for both property managers and residents. Be-Tech specializes in electronic locks, and has an outstanding reputation built on integrity and innovation while ensuring their products are one of the best products on the market.

The smart key to share with your family

Consider adding Be-Tech’s  G7A3FT Premium Fingerprint Digital Door Lock With Anti-Panic. It comes in either a Digital Mortise Lock or Fingerprint & Touchpad features too. But it doesn’t end there. Here’s a list of the features that come with it:

• Various access – two solutions for access: fingerprint or a PIN code.

• One-touch fingerprint verification – this technology can always read a fingerprint in just one shot.

• Invisible keypad – The numbers on the keypad can only been seen when you touch the screen using your palm.

• Operation status notifications – An LED indicator will tell you when an operation is made. It’ll use various colors and signals to represent that.

• Automatic locking –  The door will lock automatically after a few seconds upon unlocking (there is a manual feature as well)

• Anti-panic exit system – In cases of emergency, the lock will disengage allowing you to open the door by turning the handle from inside.

• Alarm system – After 5 failed attempts (incorrect Fingerprint or PIN code), an alarm will last for 60 seconds.

• Low battery warning – The lock will make a “beep” sound during door access to let you know the batteries need to be replaced.

• Scramble code – The keypad will allow you to enter various numbers before or after your pass code and still unlock the door.

• Mechanical key override – In emergencies, the lock can still be opened with a mechanical key.

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