The Most Important Thing in Hotels: Hotel Door Locks

For guests the thing that they notice first when they enter a hotel is the type of door lock that are displayed in the rooms. Why is this you may ask? It because they give them the sense of what to expect during the stay on the site. It may not be in all cases but hotel door locks that are mechanic tend to be more troublesome and can be an indication on the state and service that they will experience overall.

The Most Important Thing in Hotels: Hotel Door Locks

This is something that hotel owners should take into consideration to boost up their reputation amongst competitors and potential customers. It´s no surprise why there are so many manufacturers and distributors of this type of product, which might bring in some difficulty when trying to decide and choose on a provider.

So today in this article we will dive into the details of manufacture which is Be-Tech. They have more than 27 years of experience as a company who specializes in electric hotel door locks. The product will be talking about today has the name of ELECTRONIC HOTEL LOCK – SHADOW II RFID.

Be-Tech SHADOW II RFID series is especially designed for the hotels with the desire of making sure the lock blends perfectly with the necessary hardware and the door.

Be-Tech SHADOW II RFID series, is described by the company, as bring especially constructed for hotels that have a contemporary and modern style. This is because of the design of the lock which is minimalistic which makes it blend perfectly with the entire hotel decoration, this enhances the overall image of the decoration of any location.

As with the decoration of anything the phrase less is more is always relevant. With Be-Tech hotel decorators are able to have the maximum design freedom in regards of the entire decoration of any hotel.

So let´s further detail the technological factors of the Be-Tech SHADOW II RFID series:

In regards of the RFID Specification:

• It is 13.56MHz technology

• It is compatible with the following standards: ISO 14443 A (MIFARE Classic), also with eleven free sectors which works perfectly for future All-in-one card application use in the hotel.

Some other distinguishable features:

• It has standalone electronic lock with RFID technology, as the name of the product suggests.

• It has high security stainless steel mortise lock case which has a DIN available version.

• The handle of the door lock is made out of stainless steel with a long lasting painting finish.

• It has a mortise which is equipped with 20mm throw high strength deadbolt.

• It comes with a panic release function: which consists of a deadbolt and latch which would automatically retract from the inside for easy regress in any case of an emergency situation.

• It is ADA compliant, which means is possible to be used by guests with any physical disabilities.

• This lock is powered by four AA batteries that are able to provide up to 1 year normal life time.

• It is compatible with up to 1000 event audit trail. As well as being compatible with BIS HOTEL software platform.

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