Superb Cylindrical Latch Digital Door Lock

Have you ever thought of being unique and extraordinary from the rest of your friends with common door locks? Well, then this cylindrical latch digital door lock from the best smart lock company, which is both the leading producer and supplier in China. This is no other but Be-Tech, whose dedication is to ensure that you receive the best door locks which will provide you with the best security features.

In addition to this, the commitment of Be-Tech is to ensure that you get the best convenience while using the door lock such that it is easy to use yet providing the best security features you can find globally. The design of this digital door lock from the smart lock company is elegant and in a way that it makes it very difficult to notice that it can be accessed with fingerprint, among other access solutions provided.


Why should you go for this cylindrical latch digital door lock?

Well, you may prefer to use any other digital door lock outside there in the market. However, not all digital door locks are centered on giving you both security and convenience of use at the same time. Nevertheless, this amazing cylindrical latch digital door lock has all this in mind. It features a tubular latch locking mechanism which meets the international standard provided of such door locks. Below are some of the major reasons as to why you should go for this cylindrical latch digital door lock;

· Ease of Installation – Most digital door locks are normally complicated in the installation process. However, this digital door lock of a tubular latch is made with its installation process being one of the easiest you will find. You will not have to make many adjustments to your normal mechanical lock. All you will need is to remove the previous mechanical lock and to replace it with the fingerprint lock.

· Fingerprint Verification – Unlike most other digital door locks, this tubular latch digital door lock has a fingerprint verification, which is hard to notify. As a matter of fact, on verification, it seems to be a normal touch, you would put on the mechanical door lock.

· Automatic Locking – This digital door lock locks automatically after a few seconds of opening the door. In addition to this, it also features a manual operation, which enhances convenience whenever you need to lock the door manually.

Features of the Tubular Latch Digital Door Lock

· The product model of this digital door lock is R665F-19B, while the brand name is Be-Tech

· It features a tubular latch whose lock case is made from galvanized steel

· It fits on different door thicknesses ranging from 35mm to 60mm

· The fingerprint feature can be used on up to 20 groups, with 17 groups being user fingerprints while the rest 3 groups are master fingerprints

· It uses 3, 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries, which can last for up to 8 months, with use per day being 20 times

· Perfect for use indoors only

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