Multiple Accessing Solutions, Improve Security System

Today, the door lock system becomes more advanced, thanks to modern door lock technologies. The door lock could provide various accessing methods for users, which is the historical change in the door lock design. In the hotel industry, the door lock system with multiple accessing methods could change the traditional hotel security system. As for house use, the door lock with multiple accessing solutions could improve the house security system.

Improve Hotel Security System

Convenience is the first and greatest feature of the door lock system with multiple access solutions. The multiple accessing solutions mean that many accessing methods are available with guests to open the door. It not only improve the convenience of the door lock but also the current door lock trend. It is regarded that the door lock system with multiple accessing solutions shakes the dominant place of the traditional single door lock systems in the market.

Under the current trend of coexisting with the coronavirus, the hoteliers should change the door lock system to adapt to the current situation. The digital door lock with multiple accessing solutions plays an important role in contactless service. Take an example, the door lock mobile key or passcode accessing function allows guests to open the door without an RFID card. That means there is no direct contact between guests and hoteliers, reducing the potential risk of transmission.


Wireless Online Electronic Lock

Improve the House Security System

Security is the most important of the design of the door lock. The door lock with various accessing solutions also means this door lock could carry multiple modern security technologies. In other words, the door lock system with various accessing solutions could improve the security stem, by taking the advantage of various modern door lock technologies. Take Be-Tech I7A6FMTW as an example. It is a digital door lock supporting various accessing methods(fingerprint, RF card, mobile key, and touchpad). It has the following modern security functions:


Fingerprint & RFID Card Commercial Digital Door Locks

Scramble Code: In the previous post, I have mentioned that the scramble code allows you to input some random numbers when you are inputting the right code. It prevents some passersby from peeping users’ passcode.

Missing Key Invalidation: This new function is a great solution that solves the dilemma of losing the RF card. The users don’t have to handle a series of the hassle of changing a new set of door locks when they find their keys are missing. If the user loses the card, the operator could invalidate the lost key through the re-registration of other keys.

Alarming system: If someone attempts to break the lock, a warning signal would be provided from this Be-Tech door lock. The warning signal could alert the workers that someone is trying to illegal break the lock. If someone attempts to input the incorrect fingerprint, RF card, or PIN code 5 times, the alarming signal also is provided from the door lock, lasting 60 seconds.


The door lock with various accessing solutions is the trend of the time. Furthermore, the multiple accessing solutions in one door lock is the milestone of the digital door lock. The door lock with various accessing solutions not only could change the hotel door lock security system but also improve the door lock security system.

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