Latest hotel door lock system and which one should you select

One of the biggest issues that hotel owners have to deal with is providing extra security to their guests. It has been found that at most of the hotels because of the poor security system the customers often have to deal with serious issues. With advancement in technology, a solution to this issue has been found.

In the present age, there are different types of hotel door lock system available that will allow you to give extra protection to your customers. However, it often gets hard for the management team to select the best locking system for their hotels. Here we have the complete comparison that will help you with the selection process.

Electronic door locks

It is the most commonly used type of locking system that you will find in the hotels. It is the type of locking system in which internet access is not required. You will notice that each lock is designed according to the style of the door and the level of security that the rooms require. The most commonly used type of the electronic door locks is the one that comes with a card key. You will get the card key from the reception of your room and you can easily access the room. A question that most of the hotel owners ask is that electronic locking system requires a battery and how long the battery will last. You should know that even if you lock and unlock the door 30 times in a day the batter will still last for at least 1 year.

Access card technology

The card technology is not new in the market. It is the highly trusted security system available in the market that most of the hotel owners are planning to get installed in their hotel. There are different types of hotel card locking systems available in the market. There are different types of cards available that are associated with the locking system of the hotel. Some of the common options that you can select are magnetic card, proximity card and IC card.

Latest hotel door lock system and which one should you select

Be-Tech RFID technology

Be-Tech RFID arrangement is born to serve those hotels which are in need of making sure of the hotel decoration style and the safety of fundamental equipment and the entryway.

By using the elegant outline which perfectly combines with the hotel beautification style, the general picture of the hallway receive a huge improvement, which leads to the fact that Be-Tech RFID system is a very good match for the contemporary and modem hotel condition.

With a well-known reputation, Mifare contactless innovation is for all guest and staff cards. It’s much easier and more convenient to access and managing the room. Be-Tech SHADOW RFID anti-hacker technology does well in both preventing re-program FLASH RAM lock memory from mini-USB port and designing the mini-USB port on inside escutcheon. RFID keycard and encoder are widely used among all kinds of hotels. For your information, you also can coordinate companies by looking over ease guest card. What a flawless solution.

It is important that you get your hotel locking system from a reliable company. Be-Tech is providing the best door locking system that will help you to enhance the overall security that you are providing to your customers. Assure that you let us know about your requirements and we will suggest the type of locking system you should select. If you want a specially designed lock do not worry because our experts from Be-Tech will provide the services as well. It will help you get a better rating from the customers.

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