Why You Need an Access Control System

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How safe is the building your business is now occupying? Is it safe to just lock the doors and give the duplicated keys to your employees and other staffs like your maid…is it? If you have a very big business building with a large traffic, how can you monitor the people going and coming in and also make sure that some of these people don’t slip past your watchful eyes and gain access to areas in the building that are restricted? It is common for employees to lose their keys and it will be difficult to change the whole lock system just for that.

Why You Need an Access Control System

Although we have spent centuries using the regular keys yet we still find it difficult not to lose them. Take, for example, if an employee loses his or her keys, they may not tell you, they might ask their colleague for theirs to make a duplicate leaving your business at the mercy of the person that finds the missing keys. Even if they do tell you, you will then be faced with two choices – the expensive choice obviously is changing the lock and distributing new keys or give the employee a new spare which leaves your building open to new threats. If an employee is fired or quits or their contract has expired, what would you do then if they don’t return their keys? They become a threat to your security and your business.

In other words, your building is not as safe as you think. So how do you address that? How do you secure your property and at the same time limit the number of people accessing your property? It might be time to change your security strategy and go for a smarter system.

The Access Control System has smart cards that can solve your key-related problems. Each card is assigned to a particular person your access control system can keep track of the employees and when they enter the building and when they leave the building too. it will require a serious knowledge and state of the art equipment to carry out these cloning that a normal thief doesn’t possess.

The Access Control System is a great way to solve your key problems. Keys that have been misplaced and those that disappeared with employers who left will not be as much as a big deal when you are using Access Control System. All you have to do is disable the missing card so that the user cannot gain access to your building using that card. You never have to change the locks again or keep sending voice messages to your ex-employee to bring back your keys.

The Be-Tech door control unit is a supplier of this kind of access control system on doors of, garage, health centres, gym, conference room, college campuses. Your door is secured with our fully functional be-tech electronic locking system fitted to it. Its features include,

•    Matte black coloured modern reader

•    Fitted with twin reader fastened to both sides of the passage door.

•    Compatible with BIS Hotel and BIS Locker systems.

•    Inward “door exit” that has a “touch and go” function for hotel guest.

•    The alternative battery in case there is a power outage

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