Why Do You Need To Upgrade Your Entrance Door Lock?

Be-Tech is the leading smart lock factory in China, established in 1992. The company is continuously doing research and development to launch modern tools and this way they are the market lead in China right now.  Be-Tech provides various types of security solutions to various industries depending on their requirements. This company manufactures a broad range of electronic security solutions that are designed to give our clients security, ease of access, convenience, and high-quality products. Our products include electronic hotel locks, electronic hotel safes, smart security systems & software, electronic digital door locks, and electronic cabinet’s locks.

With technological advances, security is a much more concerning subject for everyone. But when a digital door lock company offers a protective digital lock, you should definitely go for it. Back in the day, it was not common to break into people’s house but now anyone can break the traditional door lock. Using upgraded security systems such as the RFID door lock on your entrance door can definitely increase your security for the whole family. The thing is people tend to forget or lose their keys but with a smart lock, one can really avoid keys jingling problems altogether and use their smartphone to open the door. Almost every smart door lock these days has at least two means of entry which is a very convenient way of protection.

Here we are going to talk about RFID Card and Touchpad Digital Smart Door Lock – G8A3MT that is made by digital door lock company Be-Tech.

Why Do You Need To Upgrade Your Entrance Door Lock?

This card features a Touchpad and RFID function. The touchpad can be used on the digital keyboard to add the PIN code. One of the smartest things is that the keyboard will only show up if you show your palm to the door lock.

As for the aesthetics of this door lock, it is made with stainless steel including its handle. It comes in a black and silver-finished look. It can manage the temperature between -20°C~60°C and workable humidity is between 20%~95%.  One thing is very important to note here, it’s the applicable Door Thickness. The applicable range is 40-80mm otherwise this lock isn’t gonna be useful for your security. A family has more than two members so all of them can have their own keys as the company can make key cards up to 40. But there will only be 1 Master key and 39 User keys. The user codes can range from 6 to 9 digits.

Like many other door locks, this one also features LED lights in different colors that indicate what is going on. This house lock has an automatic function where it gets locked after a few seconds of its opening so, if your kids leave the door as it is, it’s gonna be fine. And if anyone tries to access it with the wrong PIN, it won’t open, and the alarm will go off. If you misplaced your RFID card or forgot the PIN, the door can be opened from inside of the house otherwise you have to re-register yourself again. There will be beep sound when batteries need replacement. They usually last for 12 months. So overall this product is ideal for any residential entrance door.

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