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In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, hotel guests expect a seamless, personalized experience from check-in to check-out. One innovative way hotels are meeting this demand is by allowing guests to set their own room access codes. This customized convenience not only enhances the guest experience but also streamlines hotel operations. Be-tech Locks, a premier supplier of hotel door lock systems, offers advanced solutions that empower hotels to provide this level of personalization and efficiency.

The Benefits of Personalized Room Codes

Giving guests the ability to create their own unique room codes offers several key advantages:

  1. Enhanced Security: When guests choose their own access codes, it reduces the risk of unauthorized room entry. Only the guest knows the code, adding an extra layer of security.
  2. Improved Efficiency: Guests can go straight to their rooms without stopping at the front desk, reducing wait times and allowing staff to focus on other tasks. Mobile check-in combined with personalized codes enables a fully contactless process.
  3. Memorable Experience: Setting their own room code involves guests in their stay, making it more personal and memorable. It’s a small touch that can leave a lasting positive impression.

How Be-tech Locks Enables Customized Room Codes

Be-tech Locks provides cutting-edge hotel door lock solutions that seamlessly integrate with hotel property management systems (PMS) and mobile apps. Their advanced technology allows for the implementation of personalized room codes, enhancing both guest satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Here’s how it typically works with Be-tech Locks’ system:

  1. Prior to arrival, the guest receives a mobile check-in link via email or the hotel’s app.
  2. During mobile check-in, the guest is prompted to create their own unique room access code.
  3. This code is securely transmitted to the hotel’s Be-tech lock system and PMS, activating it for the duration of the guest’s stay.
  4. Upon arrival, the guest can bypass the front desk and go directly to their room, using their personalized code to gain entry.

Be-tech Locks’ solutions are designed with both guest convenience and hotel efficiency in mind. Their systems offer a range of features that support personalized room codes, such as:

  • PMS Integration: Ensures personalized codes are securely shared and activated across systems.
  • Mobile App Compatibility: Allows codes to be created and used via the hotel’s mobile app.
  • Contactless Technology: Enables mobile check-in and entry, reducing touchpoints.
  • Custom Branding: Lock hardware and software can feature the hotel’s unique branding for a cohesive look.

Case Study: Hilton’s Digital Key Success

Leading hotel brands are already seeing success with personalized room code technology. Hilton’s Digital Key program, available via the Hilton Honors app, allows guests to choose their room and access it with their smartphone, using a personalized digital code.


Since its launch in 2015, Hilton’s Digital Key has been a resounding success. As of 2021, the technology is available at over 5,000 Hilton properties worldwide, and has been used to open more than 135 million doors.

Guest feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with travelers praising the convenience and control it provides. In a survey of Hilton Honors members, 84% of respondents rated Digital Key as their favorite feature of the app.

Hilton’s success demonstrates the growing demand for personalized, contactless room access. By partnering with a trusted provider like Be-tech Locks, hotels can confidently implement this technology and reap the benefits of enhanced guest satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Choosing the Right Hotel Lock System

When selecting a hotel lock system that supports personalized room codes, there are several key factors to consider. Be-tech Locks offers a range of solutions designed to meet the unique needs of each property.


Security and Encryption

Hotel door locks must provide the highest level of security to protect guests and their belongings. Be-tech Locks’ systems use advanced encryption algorithms to prevent unauthorized access and ensure data integrity. Their locks adhere to industry standards such as AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) to safeguard sensitive information.

Multi-Layered Identity Verification

In addition to personalized codes, Be-tech Locks offers various secure access methods, including RFID keycards, mobile keys, and biometric options like fingerprint recognition. This multi-layered approach provides an extra level of security while allowing hotels to tailor the system to their guests’ preferences.

Integration and Centralized Control

Seamless integration with third-party hotel management systems is crucial for the effective implementation of personalized room codes. Be-tech Locks’ solutions offer high configurability and real-time data synchronization, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation.

Centralized control is another key feature of Be-tech Locks’ systems. Hotel staff can manage all rooms and access permissions from a single dashboard, monitoring activity in real-time. This allows for quick identification and resolution of any security issues.

User-Friendly Interface

For guests to embrace personalized room codes, the system must be intuitive and easy to use. Be-tech Locks’ solutions feature user-friendly interfaces with clear instructions and multi-language support. The company works closely with each hotel to customize the system to their specific requirements, ensuring a seamless guest experience.

The Future of Hotel Room Access

As technology continues to evolve, so too will the ways in which hotels provide room access to their guests. Personalized room codes are just the beginning of a shift towards more customized, contactless solutions.

Biometric Technology

Biometric authentication, such as facial recognition and fingerprint scanning, is becoming increasingly popular in the hotel industry. These methods provide a high level of security and convenience, allowing guests to access their rooms without the need for physical keys or codes.

Be-tech Locks offers biometric options that seamlessly integrate with their hotel lock systems. Their facial recognition and fingerprint locks use advanced algorithms to quickly and accurately verify guest identity, providing a frictionless access experience.

Bluetooth and Mobile Access

Bluetooth-enabled locks and mobile keys are another emerging trend in hotel room access. These solutions allow guests to use their smartphones as digital keys, providing a completely contactless experience from check-in to check-out.

Be-tech Locks’ systems are compatible with Bluetooth technology, enabling hotels to offer mobile access through their branded apps. Guests can easily unlock their doors with a tap of their phone, while hotel staff can remotely monitor and control access permissions.


Allowing hotel guests to set their own room access codes is a prime example of how technology can enhance the guest experience while improving operational efficiency. As travelers increasingly expect personalized, contactless service, offerings like customizable room codes will become a competitive necessity.

Be-tech Locks is at the forefront of this trend, providing advanced hotel lock solutions that enable properties to offer this level of customization and convenience. With a range of secure, user-friendly options and seamless integration capabilities, Be-tech Locks is a trusted partner for hotels looking to elevate their guest experience.

As the hospitality industry continues to evolve, properties that embrace innovative solutions like personalized room codes will be well-positioned to meet the changing needs and expectations of their guests. By investing in cutting-edge technology and partnering with experienced providers like Be-tech Locks, hotels can confidently navigate this new era of personalized, contactless service.

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