Fingerprint Door Lock, Start Your Smart Life

Pacing with the development of smart technology, the idea of a smart home is introduced to more and more families. Because of the high-level safety and modern design, more families also choose fingerprint smart locks as their household locks. Once the thief uses a fake fingerprint to open the door and try to break in, the fingerprint door lock automatically active the anti-theft alarm function.

But do you clearly understand what is fingerprint door lock? And how to choose a suitable fingerprint door lock? The author will publish a series of articles to give a brief introduction to home fingerprint locks, to help you choose a suitable fingerprint lock for your home.

What is a Fingerprint Door Lock?

Making use of the human biometric fingerprints, the fingerprint door lock has the ability to identify security identification and certification. Relying on high-tech digital image processing, biometrics, and DSP algorithms, a fingerprint door lock has become a new generation of access control systems that meet modern security requirements and has ridden into the wish list of modern families. Partner with other modern technology such as Pin code, RF card key, and others, it can also upgrade the safety level of the house.

The Types of Fingerprint Door Lock

In the early period, the main types of smart door locks include password fingerprint door locks, card locks, and password locks, etc. After then, the smart lock also along with the development of network connection and technology, a smart lock can reflect several smart technologies. As above mentions, a fingerprint smart lock can combine with a password, biometrics, or RF card key, and others.


Fingerprint & RFID Card & TouchPad

Digital Door Lock

The Structure of The Fingerprint Door Lock

The configuration of the most common fingerprint smart door is the standard door lock with a handle. The fingerprint smart door can be divided into three parts: the lock mortise part, the handle, and the lock panel.

Generally speaking, the structure of mortise of the fingerprint smart door lock is similar to the traditional door lock. You also could see the figure of the conventional mechanical lock body in the smart door lock. In addition, most smart door locks’ handles usually don’t get customization.

As for the lock panel, it stands for the concentration of high smart technology of the smart door lock. It is because most vital electronic components concentrate in the panel, including camera modules, password panels, etc. Without these electronic components, the smart door lock can’t be treated as a smart door lock.


After reading this article, you may know the basic knowledge of electronic fingerprint door locks. All in all, as a new generation of modern security system, fingerprint door locks take advantage of modern technology to safeguard our property and individual safety. In the next article, the author will talk about the function, material, and working principles of fingerprint locks, so as to give you further understanding of fingerprint door locks.

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