This Company Was Created Almost 27 Years Ago And It’s Still Going Strong! Read On To See What They Sell!

Be-Tech is a company that was created in 1992 and it solely focuses on smart locks. From locks that can be used in apartment complexes or for hotels, the locks are made of high-quality materials with top notch technology that makes the use of them a very comfortable one.

They are positioned as a great company with a lot of great products which vary in sizing, colors and ways of use so they can fulfill most of their potential customer’s needs.

Let’s talk in particular of just one product so that the reader can be able to understand the potential that all of their products possess.

We will talk about an electronic hotel lock the SHADOW II RFID. This Be-Tech SHADOW II RFID series is especially designed for the use in hotels, this is because of the details, color and finish of the product because it has a lot of elegance and even though it’s a great detail it’s able to perfectly blend with the necessary hardware and the door of the already designated design of the hotel.

Like it was mentioned the design of this Be-Tech SHADOW II RFID series is a very elegant one which makes it to perfectly suit any type of hotel style but especially those with a more contemporary and modern environment. This hotel electronic lock will definitely enhance the overall image of any corridor it is located in because the style of the lock is not over the top but will perfectly blend into the decoration of the hotel.

The phrase less is more is very true with this company and its products and that is why they are still a great competitor on the electronic doors market. This Be-Tech SHADOW II RFID series and the company overall is able to allow architects and designers to use their maximum ability in the design process because they are going to be able to use the perfect lock when it being bought from Be-Tech.

Still think that these explanations are not good enough of why this company is still going strong after so many years? Then keep on reading to find out more features of the Be-Tech SHADOW II RFID series.

This Company Was Created Almost 27 Years Ago And It's Still Going Strong! Read On To See What They Sell!

In regards of the RFID, some specifications that need to be known are:

It possesses 13.56MHz technology which is compatible with the following standard:

· l ISO 14443 A (MIFARE Classic)

· This model also has eleven free sectors for future All-in-one card application use, which very convenient for any hotel company.

Other features are:

· Like the name suggests these products possess stand-alone electronic lock with RFID technology.

· The products have a stainless-steel handle with a long-lasting painting finish (as all the other products in their catalog).

· Maybe one of the best features is that the product is ADA compliant, which is great for the hotel as a lot of guest with physical disabilities might arrive and also need to use the door locks.

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