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Feeling safe and secure at home is a top priority for most homeowners. However, many people overlook crucial home security measures or make simple mistakes that leave their house vulnerable to intruders. By learning key tips for protecting your property and avoiding common errors, you can significantly reduce the risk of a break-in. This article will explore the most vital actions you can take to keep your home and family safe.

Why Home Security Matters

Investing in home security solutions makes sense considering that a burglary occurs every 20 seconds in the United States . Security systems act as an effective deterrent, with some studies showing homes without security facing a 300% higher chance of being targeted by burglars. Beyond preventing crime, home security also enables homeowners to monitor activity remotely, receive alerts when something is amiss, and improve emergency response times.

Start with High-Quality Locks

The first line of defense for any home is high-quality locks on all entry points. According to security experts Be-Tech“A good lock can make all the difference in your home’s security.”  Invest in sturdy deadbolt locks for exterior doors, which burglars will have difficulty kicking down or manipulating open. Upgrading to smart locks takes protection even further by allowing remote locking/unlocking and customized access.

Be-Tech offers advanced smart lock options like the Element Touchscreen Deadbolt. This lock enables features like auto-lock, touchscreen entry, and integration with other smart home devices through Be-Tech’s app. Smart locks give homeowners greater control and visibility over their home’s access points for heightened security.

Avoid Security Mistakes

While locks form the first line of defense, homeowners must also avoid easy-to-make security errors that expose weaknesses a burglar can exploit. Some common mistakes include:

  • Leaving doors or windows unlocked when away from home
  • Allowing post to pile up while on vacation, signaling an unoccupied house
  • Leaving car keys on display or near the front door
  • Not installing motion-activated lighting outdoors

Remaining vigilant to avoid these pitfalls ensures your other protective measures are not compromised.

Take Advantage of Security Cameras

Outdoor security cameras provide 24/7 monitoring of a home’s exterior and are proven to effectively deter potential burglars . The sight of a visible camera makes criminals reconsider targeting a house, as it increases their risk of being identified. Security cameras also enable homeowners to remotely check activity at their house anytime.

Be-Tech offers comprehensive outdoor camera options like the Doorbell Camera Pro, which features motion-activated night vision, two-way audio, and smart alerts through Be-Tech’s mobile app. For even greater coverage, Be-Tech’s Ping Camera provides a 360-degree field of view with no blind spots across your property.

Illuminate with Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor motion-activated lighting is another straightforward way to bolster home security. As mentioned, avoiding this mistake leaves households more vulnerable to intruders who prefer to operate under the cover of darkness.

“Motion-activated lighting leaves potential blind spots for intruders on your property illuminated,” says Be-Tech’s Director of Safety Field Services, Jeff Gardner. The sudden brightness startles lurkers and makes them feel exposed, prompting criminals to flee rather than linger. For optimal outdoor coverage, install lighting to cover driveways, doorways, side/backyards, and dark corners.

Monitor with Video Doorbells

Video doorbells have emerged as an important home security tool, providing a visible deterrent and enabling homeowners to remotely communicate with visitors. When integrated with a security system, smart doorbells like Be-Tech’s Doorbell Camera Pro can instantly trigger system alarms if an unwanted visitor arrives.

Be-Tech’s doorbell camera delivers two-way talk so homeowners can speak to guests from anywhere while viewing real-time video of their front door area. As a visible warning and remote monitoring device in one, a video doorbell is a worthy investment to enhance home protection.

Secure Windows, Garages, Gardens

While entry doors pose the highest risk, burglars also target other vulnerable areas like garages, gardens, and windows. Reinforce these weak spots by:

  • Installing reliable window locks
  • Keeping garage doors closed and locked when not in use
  • Storing ladders/tools properly to prevent use in break-ins
  • Installing perimeter garden CCTV for hidden zones
  • Maintaining tidy gardens with good visibility

Taking a comprehensive approach ensures your whole property is secured, not just the front door.

Customize with DIY or Professional Installation

Be-Tech offers both DIY and professional installation options for their home security systems. This allows homeowners to choose the setup process best suited to their needs:

The convenient DIY option ships everything needed for homeowners to self-install devices. Be-Tech also offers product support over the phone to help with any questions during DIY installation.

Alternatively, homeowners can select professional installation and have a trained service technician handle the entire setup process start-to-finish. This hands-off approach ensures optimal placement and functioning of all devices.

Customers seeking the highest quality installation and configuration for their home should consider professional install. To get started with professional install, simply request a quote online or contact Be-Tech’s home security experts by phone.

Prioritize Ongoing Security Best Practices

Installing security systems and devices provide the necessary foundation. However, homeowners must also adopt smart ongoing habits to optimize their effectiveness.

Always remember to lock all doors/windows when leaving your home, arm your security system nightly, close garage doors, and conceal signs of absence when traveling . Remaining vigilant day-to-day ensures your protective measures are actively working for you.

Through proactive installation of home security systems and diligent avoidance of mistakes, homeowners can effectively protect themselves against intrusion. Numerous solutions now exist to deter, detect and respond to threats. By taking advantage of modern smart home technology, we can enjoy peace of mind knowing our families and properties stay safely secured.

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