The Commodity Of Technology

The generation and people living in this era have been blessed with something that past generations haven’t experienced, and that is technology. Things are easier nowadays, information can be found faster, news and messages are seconds away from one part of the world to the other.

Now bank transactions can be done on any computer or cellphone saving tons of time for users. Also there are apps that will make shopping for groceries and ordering food so easy that people can do it from their homes with no need to leave their bed.

Commodity has reached a new level for those who take full advantage of the technology and internet connection that they possess. And that is a good thing, people should fully take advantage of things they have, otherwise it wasted potential.

This is a great way of thinking for entrepreneurs and constructors, they are able to create new things thank to technology and it’s innovation. In this case we will talk about the commercial door locks market, this is now becoming more electronic and technological based. The phase of door locks with mechanical keys is a thing of the past, now lock manufacturers are diving into making the experience of users more comfortable with the use of technology.

The Commodity Of Technology

For example the company Be-Tech specials in the design and manufacture of commercial door locks specially those electronic ones. We will dive more into detail into a specific product that goes by the name of FINGERPRINT, RFID CARD, TOUCHPAD DIGITAL DOOR LOCK – i7A6FMTW. As the name suggest this lock has different ways of being opened, the most interesting one is that it can also be opened from a mobile device, this saves the user to have to remember a key to an apartment because it is included on the cellphone.

This product has a matte gold finish and a 60mm Backset GB Lock case, as it was mentioned it can be opened through fingerprint, RF Card, Touchpad, mobile key and mechanical key.

These various access on the door lock is a very comfortable yet safe option for any apartment owner which is a great step for technology. Some people may not trust this type of product but this company built high quality locks. For example this precise model, as well as all the ones in Be-Tech’s catalog, possess One-touch Fingerprint Verification technology, this as the name suggests the lock would be able to read a fingerprint in one shot, intensifying the fact that it is a comfortable product to acquire.

Still not convinced? Their products also have automatic locking, which means that the door lock will be locked automatically after the door is opened for a few seconds. This makes the user feel a lot safer if they were to forget to lock the door.

This is the best way to take advantage of the era that we are currently living on. Take care of things the easiest way possible thanks to technology.

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