The Benefits Of Energy Control Unit

Nowadays people are being more conscious about the importance of saving energy, this means turning the lights off when leaving a room, as well as other appliances like a fan or air conditioner. Sadly not all people are so aware of this small details that end up being such a big help for the environment. As well this is a big deal in hotels, there are a lot of devices that require energy in a hotel room and most of the time people just leave them on when they leave their rooms, this is a bad thing because there is a lot of energy that is being wasted.

Thankfully there is technology that can help save energy for those forgetful people in hotels or just people that don’t want to turn off electronics when they are not using the appliances. We are taking about the products: energy control unit. This products work with the room key and is specially designed for the energy-saving products of hotel rooms. They are able to work when the card is introduced in the slot by the hotel guest or the personnel of the hotel, when the card is inserted into its special compartment, people will be able to use the lighting, TV, air conditioner and other equipment in the room.


Because this is such an useful item there are a lot of companies that distribute this type of product. We recommend the one that goes by the name of Be-Tech, they have over 27 years of overall experience on the market in which they have been able to established themselves in China as a world-class, high quality producer of like electronic locks and energy control units.

The great thing about this product is that it is compatible with Be-Tech’s room keycard, which is great because a hotel with other Be-Tech products would be benefited as both systems work alongside one another. It’s important to note that this will only work with the Smart RFID Plus Be-Tech cards.

This is an overall a great product to acquire for an hotel, if you are not convinced keep on reading to learn all of the benefits that this unit bring.

  • It is able to disconnect and limit the use of any electrical equipment, as well as the air conditioning, in any room when guests are not in the room doing this the hotel saves energy and money.
  • Thanks to the design of the unit, its easy and comfortable for guests to insert and remove the keycard.
  • It has a very simple installation process.
  • When entering the room the guests are able to easily spot the unit as it emanates a blue colored light thanks to an LED light.
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