The 5 Superior Hotel Door Lock in 2022 for a Modern Hotel


The hotel door locks are the first furniture guests encounter when they reach their guest room and often the last thing they interact with when they leave your hotel. In addition, the hotel room door locks are an important factor affecting the security system and guest experience. But updating your hotel room door locks is a big project. And, generally speaking, the hotel door lock system needs updating as little as once a decade. Therefore, it is vital to make sure you choose the right lock for hotel door.

To help, Be-Tech select some of our superior hotel door locks in 2022 for a modern hotel. They are convenient, reliable, and easy to use.

1. RFID Entry Door Lock

rfid entry door lock

RFID Entry Door Lock

This type of electronic hotel room door locks are specially designed for modern and fashion hotels and perfectly blends into the design of the modern hotel. The blue color mutation LED indicator on the outside escutcheon shows a warm welcome to the hotel guest. Furthermore, the matt black spray coating finish distinguishes this electronic door lock from other hotel door locks. It helps hotelier enhances the guest experience to a new level. In the security and functions, it is a reliable safeguard instead of a trophy. It operates with a completely sealed contactless module. The mortise is approved by CE and ANSI/BHMA. It means that the hardware meets the American national standards for hardware and has high durability.

2. 9004 Series Hotel room Door Lock


Hotel Room Door Lock

The 9004 series hotel room door lock is a stand-alone electronic lock door with RFID technology. It uses the latest and reliable Radio Frequency Identification(RFID), providing guests with the most convenient identification technique. The door lock mortise equips with a 20mm throw high strength deadbolt, offering reliable locking. The electronic locking door handle is made of zinc alloy and has a long-lasting painting finish. Constructed with an anti-friction mechanism, the 3-point stainless steel latch provides smoother opening and closing. Like the first one, it also is ADA compliant. The ADA compliance is short for the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design.

3. Hotel Room RFID Door Locks


Hotel Room RFID Door Locks

This electronic entry door lock is the advanced door lock. It is a stand-alone electronic lock with the latest RFID technology. In the DIN version, The high-security stainless steel mortise lock case is available in this door lock, which could against violent unlocking. A high-security mechanical override cylinder also is one of the excellent components in this hotel door lock.

This electronic entry door lock is the leader in the hotel door lock design. Unlike the other door lock, it seems like the normal electronic lock door handle but has the RFID function that the normal door handle doesn’t have. When comes to the installation, it is also in harmony with the whole door body very well and enhances the overall image of the corridor with the aesthetic lock’s design which perfectly blends into the hotel decoration style.

In summary, this door lock is regarded as the fruit of the combination between function and design. And it is one of the greatest electronic hotel room door locks.

4. Elegant Series Hotel RFID Door Lock


Elegant Series Hotel RFID Door Lock

Elegant Series hotel rfid door lock is the latest electronic door lock and has a worldwide popular slim design. The Be-Tech Elegant series hotel rfid door lock not only can fit modern hotels but also is compatible with various styles of new construction or renovation hotels. It is the perfect hotel rfid door lock system to satisfy the need for design continuity for hotel corridors, guestrooms, and suites. This hotel door lock also uses Mifare contactless technology, which works for all staff cards and guest cards. The guests and staff don’t need to insert the keycard to access the guest room.

5. VISUAL II RFID Series rfid Hotel Door Lock


Visual II RFID Series RFID Hotel Door Lock

Be-Tech VISUAL II RFID series rfid hotel door lock becomes the representation of the minimalist with its simple, modern but comfortable design. It is another hotel lock door that does a great job of blending into the fashionable hotel environment. In addition, the great matte black finish surface of this rfid hotel door lock inspires the architects and designers to make the hotel’s fashion sense at maximum. Furthermore, Be-Tech’s anti-hacker technology for locks in this door lock could prevent the hotel room door lock hack by rejecting re-program FLASH RAM lock memory from outside escutcheon.


The above five superior hotel door locks for a modern hotel are on sale in Be-Tech, one of the leading hotel door lock manufacturers in China. Be-Tech focuses on manufacturing and innovating the rfid hotel door locks since 1992. Backed in rich manufacturing experience and a great R&D team, Be-Tech is proud of the self-design rfid door lock system.

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