Purchasing Guide: Fingerprint Digital Door Lock for Patio Door

When you are hunting for a reliable patio door lock for safeguarding your property and protecting your children away from the risks, you can not miss our newly launched fingerprint digital door lock. Today, allow me to introduce you to the Be-Tech fingerprint digital door lock for the patio door.

Convenient Accessing

As a recreational area, the patio requires a patio door that provides users convenience, so as to let people easily access it without too much effort or attention. But how can we define the meaning of convenience in a patio door? In another word, how could I know the patio door is convenient for users.

The latest BE-Tech fingerprint digital door lock is the perfect answer to the above questions. Four accessing methods are available with users—-blue key, fingerprint, RF card key, and PIN code. Furthermore, the BE-Tech k7S allows users to configure and unlock the lock via mobile phone. The mobile phone is the most people’s belongings in today. Therefore, not an exaggeration to say, the Be-Tech digital patio door lock could prevent the dilemma of the user can not access the patio.

Except for the multiple accessing solutions, the K7S has a fluent and flexible handle operation. The digital door lock not only could complete the double lock through the simple lifting of the handle but also allows people could turn freely at 45 degrees.

Purchasing Guide: Fingerprint Digital Door Lock for Patio Door

Fingerprint Digital Door Lock For Patio Door

High Security

When the Be-tech fingerprint digital door lock provides users convenience, it still ensures the property of the owners and the safety of the people who be active on the patio. This fingerprint door lock is not a simple patio door lock. It still has a scramble code function. As the last post, I have introduced that the scramble code could ensure the other irrelevant people can not know your door code. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your code safety too much when you hold a party.

High Durability

As an outdoor door, the patio door is inevitably exposed under the strong sunshine and encounters the erosion of some rainwater. Therefore, the durability of the door is the third factor that you need to pay attention to. Be-Tech K7S digital door lock presents a great performance in this competition of durability. The K7S adopts 304 stainless steel with 1.5mm thickness which is capable of protecting the inner mechanism from drilling attempts. Relying on the outstanding natural features of the 304 stainless steel, the K7S also could be resistant to the above-mentioned erosion.


All in all, Be-Tech K7S is an excellent digital door lock for safeguarding your property. Throughout the digital door lock market, the Be-Tech K7S also directly presents excellent functions that people have not imagined. As a professional digital door lock manufacturer, Be-Tech also remains a true mission that keeps providing top-quality digital door locks.

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